[VIRAL] Coca-Cola Recommends The Human Dog Cone For Social Media Addicts Like You And I

A seemingly official commercial by Coca-Cola promotes a product called the 'Social Media Guard' that "takes the social out of media and puts it back in your life".

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A Video Titled "Coca-Cola Social Media Guard" Hit Viral Status Recently

Screen shot from Coca-Cola's 'Social Media Guard' advertisement.

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Sometimes humans are so engaged with their smartphones that they walk right off a pier. (No, seriously. That has happened before.) So Coca-Cola's desire to invent something that will help people take their eyes off their tweeting, texting and Candy Crush-ing is warranted.

If for some reason you want to turn off your phone and straighten your neck, then Coca-Cola has the product for you: The Social Media Guard.

The Video Promotes A Supposed Coca-Cola Product - A Human Cone Much Like The Ones We Use On Pets It Calls The 'Social Media Guard'

Screen shot from Coca-Cola's Social Media Guard commercial.

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The ‘guard’ was unveiled in a video, the authenticity of which has not been confirmed yet – especially since the official Coca Cola Twitter account hasn’t sent any messages for four days (but the managers might be using the cone themselves) - looks to "take the 'social' out of media and put it back into your life”, stating that the world spends four million years online every month.

The Guard Supposedly "Takes The Social Out Of Media And Puts It Back Into Your Life"

Coca-Cola Social Media Guard.

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The Video Shows Obsessive Smartphone Users Experiencing A Moment Of Epiphany And Then Human Interaction After They Put On Their 'Social Media Guards'

Gif from Coca-Cola 'Social Media Guard' commercial.

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A User On Reddit Thought It Was "Funnier When It Was A New Yorker Cartoon Last February"

New Yorker cartoon.

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While Some Thought It Was "A Bit Weak From Coke" And Didn't Understand How The Cone was Related To Coke

Users on Reddit respond to the Coca-Cola 'social media guard' commercial.

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The Video, However, Is Not Affiliated With Coca-Cola As Stated By A Rep

Coca-Cola social media guard screen shot.

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Coca-cola social media guard screen shot.

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Coca-cola social media guard screen shot.

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Coca-cola social media guard screen shot.

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Coca-cola 'Social Media Guard'.

Image via Coca-Cola Facebook

In response to a query about whether Coke was really behind the video, a spokeswoman said "We're flattered to be a part of this video. However, we're not clear who the mystery filmmaker is behind it."

A Coca-Cola rep told Creativity Online that the brand is not affiliated with the video.

It Is Actually A Part Of A Larger Campaign By Coca-Cola's Middle Eastern Team Which "Takes A Light-Hearted Look At How Social Media Plays A Big Part In Our Daily Lives"

Turns out the video is part of a larger campaign by Coca Cola's Middle Eastern team, which, according to a spokeswoman, "takes a light-hearted look at how social media plays a big part in our daily lives, impacting the way that we share moments with each other. "

Coca-Cola Social Media Guard, FULL VIDEO:

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Would YOU Use A 'Social Media Guard'?

Coca-cola's social media guard.

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