Common Ground Is Hosting An Epic Live Music Event With Rap And Beat-Making Battles

There's over RM5,000 in cash and prizes to be won!

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Looking for an exciting way to celebrate our upcoming Hari Kebangsaan? Head on over to 'Battle For Malaysia', a super happening live music battle!

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Common Ground, Malaysia’s largest coworking space and community, has partnered up with Think You Got Skillz (TYGS) to bring you an incredible evening of improv art.

Connecting people with the local hip-hop, music, and arts scene, Common Ground’s community is bringing Malaysians together for a mind-blowing night of epic live performances from up-and-coming artists!

With event partners like Think You Got Skillz, The Gasket Alley, Raising the Bar, DISQOVR, Tiger, Pernod Ricard, SkullCandy, and more to come, you're sure to be in for an awesome night.

You definitely won't want to miss out so take note of all the event deets below:

Date: 31 August 2019
Time: 4pm till late (12am)
Venue: The Gasket Alley

Entrance is FREE for all ages!

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You're more than welcome to just walk in on the day itself, but you can put yourself in the running to win some cool prizes in the lucky draw by RSVP-ing now.

Plus, Tiffin Food Court will also be hosting its last weekend just behind The Gasket Alley, so there'll be plenty of yummy treats for you to try.

By championing Malaysia's local hip-hop scene, this event aims to showcase our nation's local talent and celebrate our freedom of expression!

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There will be two battles - an emcee rap battle (TYGS BARZ) and a beat maker production battle (TYGS Beat Meet). 

Watch the dopest emcees and beat makers showcase their skillz in a Malaysia-themed battle. It's gonna be a fierce fight to see who will be crowned champion. 

But it's not just the glory of the win that they're fighting for, there's also over RM5,000 in cash and prizes to be won!

Think you've got what it takes to beat the rest and become the best rapper of the night? Here's how you can take part:

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TYGS BARZ Audition
1. Register online by 27 August 2019.
2. Be at The Gasket Alley by 5pm on the event day.
3. Fill out a form to confirm yourself as a candidate then wait for your turn.
4. Drop your sickest 16 bars without a background beat.

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If chosen as part of the Top 16, you'll then have to go against 15 other shortlisted emcees to claim a spot in the Top 8. One final winner will be crowned once the Top 8 go through another battle round.

The beats for these rounds will be created and posted online by the participants of the TYGS Beat Meet battle. So make sure you check them out and come prepared with a few verses, that must include 'Malaysia' or 'Merdeka' as a theme.

Or, you can opt to show off your talents in beat making and music production instead. Here's how to join:

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TYGS Beat Meet Audition
1. Create a 1-minute beat with a 16 bars section for an emcee to rap on.
2. Fuse your beat with Malaysian sounds, instruments, and vibes.
3. Upload your beat submission as a post on Instagram by 21 August 2019.
4. Include the following hashtags: #merdekabeatmeet #BattleForMalaysia #CGxTYGS #DisqovrMusic
4. Each participant is only allowed to upload one submission each. Don't forget to make sure your account is set to public.

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Only 8 finalists will be selected! If you're one of the lucky ones, you will be asked to submit a 320kbps MP3 file of your beats, so that your winning submission can be uploaded for emcees to refer to, as these will be used as the backing track for the TYGS BARZ battle.

On the event day, come prepared with 3 new 'Malaysian-infused' beats to be used live. You'll need a fresh beat for each round (1/4 Final, Semi, and Final) that's no more than 2 minutes long.

With all that and more going on, it sounds like Common Ground has a heck of a Hari Kebangsaan party planned, so make sure you're there for this night to remember!

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Check out the official website or the Facebook event page for more information.

Judging by their previous "paw-ty", Common Ground definitely knows how to host awesome events:

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