Wanna Have Stylish & Healthy Hair Like Cristiano Ronaldo? Check Out These Tips!

What's the secret to his sleek hair?

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Cristiano Ronaldo is not only known for his skills on the pitch, but for his good looks and oh so fabulous hair

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Seriously, how does his hair look so stylish and healthy at the same time? Even when he's running up and down the field, his hair is still on fleek!

And when you attempt to style your hair like Cristiano Ronaldo, does it simply result in dandruff and oil buildup? Or basically just a total mess?

Your hair is all styled and ready to survive the day. And before you know it, your scalp starts getting itchy. 

By the end of the day, your hair is a mess and your scalp is all red and inflamed from all the scratching. 

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Fortunately, we got our hands on some tips to keep your hair healthy and dandruff-free so that you can have stylish hair like Cristiano Ronaldo:

1. After you shower, pat dry and don't rub

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Believe it or not, the way you dry your hair can impact how your hair looks.

One bad habit many of us have is rubbing our hair vigorously with a towel after showering. This method is destructive to your hair roots, making them frizzier and difficult to style. 

Instead of rubbing your hair with a towel, pat it dry. This allows your hair to retain its moisture. As men have short hair, this shouldn't take longer than a few minutes. With a bit of patience, your hair will end up looking healthy and sleek.

2. Cut down on the heat for easier styling

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When you use moisturising shampoos, the last thing you wanna do is dry it out. Drying your hair with a blowdryer on high heat damages and dries it out. This gives your hair a frizzier look and makes it hard to style. 

So let your hair dry naturally! Or at least, use the low heat or cool setting on your blowdryer.

3. Don't scratch! Use the right shampoo for your itchy and inflamed scalp.

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We get it. Your scalp is all itchy from styling your hair with products. However, scratching will only make it worse.

To overcome this, use the right shampoo and wash daily. By washing daily, you remove dead skin cells which contribute to dandruff. This helps eliminate all those white flakes and relieve the itchiness, thus, allowing you to style your dandruff-free hair with ease.

4. Get rid of any excess oil in your hair

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The sebum in your hair keeps it healthy and smooth. However, research has shown that men tend to have 60% more sebum than women. This means that men's hair generates more grease and has to be washed often. 

When your hair is too oily, it makes it difficult to style. To add to that, instead of looking on fleek, your hair ends up looking greasy. 

To avoid oily hair, look out for shampoos that have natural sea salt. Sea salt helps remove excess oil from your hair. At the same time, it renews your scalp, protecting it from any excess sebum. 

5. Wash your hair properly

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How many of us actually take the time to massage our scalp whenever we shampoo?

Massaging your scalp ensures thorough cleaning. This not only nourishes your hair right at its roots but it gets rid of any sebum or wax that lingers in the scalp as well.

To add to that, shower with lukewarm or cold water. This gives your hair a shinier look when you style it. 

What exactly is Cristiano Ronaldo's ultimate secret? CLEAR Men Legend by CR7 Shampoo!

It's Cristiano Ronaldo's secret to having healthy hair, which explains how his hair looks good all the time.

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We get it. Styling your hair sometimes results in a lot of dandruff and oil, giving it a super messy and greasy look. So frustrating right? 

Fret not. Legend by CR7 Shampoo is engineered to get rid of all that white flakes while leaving your hair super fresh and moisturised because it removes all the excess oil! 

And here's another super cool fact you should know about this shampoo.

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This sleek shampoo bottle is designed to give you long-lasting fragrance for over 8 hours! 

Before you wash your hair, you'll get a strong hint of vibrant citrus notes. And as you shampoo your hair, you'll get a fresh, aquatic aroma.

Finally, once your hair starts to dry, you'll be surprised with the long-lasting woody, earthy undertones, leaving your scalp feeling invigorated.

And if you purchase Legend by CR7 from any participating outlets nationwide, you can stand a chance to win an exclusive GOLD shampoo signed by Cristiano Ronaldo!

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