There's A Cute Little Bird Shop In Singapore Called 'SMLJ'

The shop said the acronym stands for "small medium large 'jiao' (birds)".

Cover image via Google Maps & Small Medium Large Jiao - SMLJ (Facebook)

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If you are looking to own a pet budgie in Singapore, next time check out this cute little bird shop in Geyland East with the cheeky name 'SMLJ'

The store's logo states that the acronym stands for "small medium large jiao (birds)", which is appropriate, given the many different breeds and species of birds that they sell.

However, native speakers would know the acronym stands for a more common phrase that is a profanity in Hokkien. If you know, you know.

Image via Google Maps

Regardless of the name, SMLJ has a variety of pet birds for sale, such as adorable budgies, lovebirds, parrots, and cockatoos

According to their Facebook page, the shop also sells all kinds of bird supplies and accessories, such as cages, feeders, bird food, and all kinds of perches and toys.

Check out some of the cute birdies they have in store:

The shop also updates social media about the current birds that they have for sale

Not to mention, the shop also has a TikTok account to showcase new stock for purchase.

Besides that, they also often use the account to show their adorable in-house mascot, a cockatoo named Gucci that often acts cute and dances for customers.

If you'd like to visit SMLJ, the shop's address is:
48 Jalan Eunos,
419506 Singapore

Did you know that birds have ears:

If you're interesting in raising a butterfly instead, check out this initiative by Melaka's butterfly farm:

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