Help Keep Melaka's Butterfly Farm Alive By Adopting A Pupa & Setting It Free At Home

If you take care of the pupa right, a butterfly will emerge in three to 10 days!

Cover image via Instagram @butterflyreptile

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Melaka's popular attraction, the Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary (MBRS), hasn't seen any income amidst the ongoing lockdown

The conservation centre's main source of revenue - the sale of tickets to domestic and foreign visitors - has vanished during the Movement Control Order (MCO) and forced the sanctuary to resort to desperate measures.

In addition to the reduction of laboratory staff, Bernama reported that the sanctuary management already had to dispose of more than 3,000 caterpillars of various butterfly species for cost-saving purposes.

Established in 1991, MBRS is a private zoological park that is responsible for the research and breeding of more than 100 species of butterflies and insects, as well as a variety of reptiles, in Malaysia.

The sanctuary usually breeds more than 200,000 butterflies annually.

In an attempt to keep some butterflies alive and the business afloat, the sanctuary is putting up their butterfly pupae for adoption

"Please help us as we go through this COVID-19 crisis together. We have made available our precious butterfly chrysalises for adoption. This is the only way we can ensure butterflies continue to fly," said the sanctuary on their website.

From what we've seen, it seems like a whole load of fun! It can be a little science project for the kids to watch a pupa slowly turn into a butterfly at home.

You can buy a RM20 or RM50 Butterfly Pupa Adoption Set

Each RM20 adoption set (exclusive of RM10 shipping fee) comes with:
- A butterfly pupa,
- A glass jar.

While, each RM50 adoption set comes with:

- A butterfly pupa,
- A glass jar,
- A button badge,
-Two entrance tickets to MBRS, and
- Free delivery.

All sets come with a step-by-step guide on how to care for the pupa and if done right, you will be able to witness a butterfly emerge in three to 10 days and set them free!

They currently only deliver within West Malaysia.

Alternatively, you can adopt the farm's reptiles and insects such as alligators, snapping turtles, or even tarantulas!

But no, you can't bring those home.

Through their reptile and insect adoption program, the package will instead entitle you to an adoption certificate and acknowledgement on the MBRS website, as well as two entrance tickets to their sanctuary to visit once the MCO is over!

If you are interested in getting a butterfly pupa or adopting another animal, visit the MBRS website here.

For more information, you can also contact them via:
Phone: +06-232 0033
WhatsApp: +016-363 6537

Remember to #JustStayAtHome. Watch the latest update on the COVID-19 situation here.

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