Did You Know: There's A Kuala Lumpur Lane In Melbourne

The street signboard reads 'Kuala Lumpur La'.

Cover image via @jo.n.g (Instagram) & allhomes

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It's hard to imagine that places such as 'Boobs Flat' and 'Nowhere Else' exist in Australia. But yes, they do.

In fact, they're just some of the many peculiar names of places that can be found in the land down under.

From 'Useless Loop' to 'Boing Boing', Australia seems to have a lot of fun naming their streets, bays, and towns. Some other unique places you might find in the country are 'Bullshit Hill', 'Spanker Knob', 'Woolloomooloo', and 'Guys Dirty Hole' — you get the picture.

But among all of these interesting places is one very recognisable name: Kuala Lumpur.

Situated in Parkville, Melbourne is a little street called Kuala Lumpur Lane

Image via allhomes

It's unclear how Kuala Lumpur Lane got its name or why. But funnily enough, the signboard on the street reads as 'Kuala Lumpur La', with 'La' being the abbreviation for 'lane'. 

Aside from our capital city inspiration, Australia also has street names such as Batman Avenue, Titwobble, AC/DC, as well as Emo and Marriage Roads, to name a few. How fun.

You've heard of Subang Jaya in Selangor. But did you know there's also a place called Subang in... Indonesia?

Malaysia has its own share of unique location names such as Kampung Cinta Manis and Jalan Microwave TV Station:

Speaking of names, here's how 'Damansara' and 'Bangsar' came about:

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