There's A Place In Indonesia Called Subang And It's A Vacation Paradise

Nope, there is no bubble street here in Kabupaten Subang, Indonesia.

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From nasi lemak to rendang and batik, Malaysians and Indonesians have always been up in arms when it comes to claiming each others' culture as their own (teasingly most of the time)

Subang Regency, or Kabupaten Subang, is a district in West Java province, Indonesia, filled with natural hot springs, magnificent waterfalls, breathtaking mountain views, and beautiful hotels and spas.

With its capital city amply named Subang, the district is 1,894km² in size and has a population of 1.5 million people, according to data from City Population

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Kabupaten Subang's top attraction is its natural outdoor hot springs

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Ciater Hot Spring, or Pemandian Air Panas Ciater, has various hot spring pools in the middle of a tropical forest, where you can hear spring waters crash down from gentle waterfalls.

For just RM23 (or IDR27,000), you can take a dip in warm sulfurous water that can heal rheumatism and skin problems. The warm mineral springs are created by the heat from nearby volcanoes.

It is a perfect place to unwind and escape from the urban-Subang Jaya life.

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A little bit further down south is the famous Mount Tangkuban Parahu, where hikers can climb all the way up to the edge of the crater to see steaming hot springs and boiling mud

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While you are there, do not forget to take pictures with the signboard that reads 'Gunung Tangkuban Parahu, Subang', so that you can confuse your Subang Jaya friends.

At the foot of the volcano are merchants selling local goods in adjoining huts that are unique in Indonesia's architecture.

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Aside from that, Kabupaten Subang has two waterfalls, a water theme park, a crocodile farm, riverside camping grounds, and more!

Ciangin Waterfall in Kec. Ciater, Kabupaten Subang.

Image via Wisata Alam Air Terjun Curug Ciangin (Facebook)

Cijalu Waterfall in Kiarapedes, Kabupaten Subang.

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Planet Water Booom in Kec. Subang, Kabupaten Subang.

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Blanakan Crocodile Farm in Blanakan, Kabupaten Subang.

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Riverside camping grounds in Wisata Alam Capolaga, Sagalaherang, Kabupaten Subang.

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It goes without saying that Kabupaten Subang comes with a handful of luxurious hotels that offer a unique Indonesian experience

Some of the hotels here have natural spring water pools or rooms where you can wake up to a beautiful mountain view.

Sari Ater Hotel in Kec. Ciater, Kabupaten Subang.

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Tea garden resort in Sagalaherang, Kabupaten Subang.

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Gracia Spa and Resort in Cikondang Ciater, Kabupaten Subang.

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So which country's Subang do you prefer?

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