What's The Difference Between Natural And Lab-Grown Diamonds? Here's What You Need To Know

Make sure you're crystal clear about both kinds. ;)

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Everyone knows a diamond is forever, but did you know the same can be said for its lab-grown counterpart?

Lab-grown diamonds came to be in 1954, years after scientists discovered that natural diamonds were made entirely from carbon. While they were first used for industrial purposes, it wasn't long before these gem-quality lab stones were available commercially in the diamond market.

While lab-grown diamonds are slowly becoming popular, many are still confused as to whether they are just as good as natural ones

If you're wondering whether lab-grown diamonds are fake, the definitive answer is: No, lab-grown diamonds are, in fact, genuine diamonds.

While natural diamonds typically take billions of years to form under the Earth's surface, lab-grown diamonds only take a few weeks to be grown in a lab. Despite this, both natural and lab-grown diamonds are similar physically, chemically, and optically.  

In fact, both kinds of diamonds are so similar, it is difficult to tell them apart with the naked eye. This means lab-grown diamonds emit the same fire, brilliance, and sparkle of the natural diamond that we all know and love. :)

Aside from being identical to a natural diamond, there are plenty of other benefits of owning a lab-grown diamond

For instance, they're much more cost-effective! This is because when diamonds are manufactured in a lab, it eliminates the operational costs needed to mine diamonds from the Earth's surface. You could potentially save up to 30% to 50% on lab-grown diamonds, making them value for money. 

Lab-grown diamonds also eliminate any unethical mining conditions, any concerns over child labour, and unjust labour pay concerns. 

Since they are produced using renewable energy, this makes lab-grown diamonds environmentally friendly too, yay! All you need is carbon and electricity to make a lab-grown diamond, making it sustainable in the long run. 

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One of their newest collections, known as Aura, boasts a wide variety of jewellery to showcase your personality and match your daily fit

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