Malaysians Share Tips And Tricks They Use To Get The Most Out Of Their Ringgit

So much bang for your buck!

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We're always trying to look for new ways to save money and get the most value for our buck

From trying to ikat perut, to tightening the leash on your finances, there are many creative ways our fellow Malaysians stay on top of their finances.

Here are some tips and tricks from money-savvy Malaysians:

1. "One word: THRIFTING"

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"I always had a shopping problem. Literally half of my gaji went to buying clothes every month. You know what I did when I ran out of space? I didn't throw out any of my clothes - I just bought an extra cupboard LOL.

"The issue was that I was spending waaaayyy too much money buying new clothes, so I decided to go thrifting. There's this thrift store that I go to where I come out with bags of stuff for less than RM50 because they charge by weight. Sometimes, I even score designer items for cheap and they look super brand new leh! So, who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? I spend so little, but get a lot of clothes in return!"

- Charlotte, 25

2. "I shop only on sale days, like 11.11, especially when I want to buy big planned purchases"

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"I'm terrible with money. I'm always broke T_T So what I decided to do was to make sure that I ONLY spent money on sale days. If not I pokai huhu. I also do my shopping on certain days when there are really good deals.

"Like recently, I bought this hair dryer that I've been dreaming of getting for the longest time, at a 70% discount! If you bundle more products, you get more discounts, and it's just waaaaaay more worth it."

- Zaila, 35

3. "I'm always looking out for ways to get cashbacks and points, even if it means being muka tebal"

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"Ever since my friend introduced me to the world of cashbacks, MY LIFE HAS NEVER BEEN THE SAME AGAIN. Now, I always optimise my spending so that I get more money back, like using certain credit cards on certain shopping sites, using certain apps that give me more cashback when I buy online... that sorta stuff. I even use my credit card to pay whenever my friends make purchases so I can collect more points HAHAHA!"

- Sze Ling, 29

4. "When I shop for produce and groceries, I try my best to buy what's in season"

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"Did you know like, the cost of Russet potatoes off-season is like RM5-6 per kg, but when it's in season you can get it for like, 60 sens?? I didn't know that all this time, and now I'm just mindblown. Produce is cheaper when it’s in season! (': I've been wasting my money, when I could have been bulk buying things for less. But, it's okay lah, the more you know."

- Zaidatul, 40

5. "I buy family subscription plans because it's usually the cheapest"

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"I just gather a bunch of friends and share a package with them because family plans are usually the cheapest, like Netflix and Spotify. So, I get to pay less but still get the same subscription benefits. It even works the same for my gym memberships, where one friend buys a huge number of credits under their name, and we share it among ourselves.

"It's the same for my mobile subscription plan as well because I'm under a plan with my family members. It's more value for the amount that we spend lah, if you think about it."

- Anton, 33

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