Wanna Have Strong & Healthy Hair? Here Are 7 Do's & Don'ts You Should Take Note Of

Boost your confidence by taking good care of your hair!

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1. DON'T: Backcomb your hair

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Backcombing may give your hair more volume, but it can also be damaging. Most women's hair cuticles point downwards, so if you're constantly backcombing your hair, you're tugging it towards the opposite direction, which makes it loose before eventually breaking off. If you wanna add volume, use gentle styling products to temporarily lift your hair.

2. DO: Leave your conditioner in longer

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Conditioner works by moisturising your hair and providing your scalp with necessary nutrients, so make sure to give it enough time to soak in and set properly. While waiting, you can do other beauty treatments, so that you can wash everything off in one go once you're done.

3. DON'T: Wash your hair with hot water

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Heat is your hair's enemy, as it damages your hair and dehydrates it, making it brittle and frizzy. Additionally, hot water can also strip your hair's natural oils, causing your scalp to dry out and form dandruff. 

Shower with cold or lukewarm water, as this temperature helps to retain the moisture in your hair. Plus, cold water also closes the pores, preventing any form of dirt, buildup, or oil from entering your scalp. 

4. DO: Dab your wet hair gently with an old t-shirt or microfibre towel

You may not see it now, but rubbing your wet head with a towel adds pressure to your roots and scalp, which will likely cause your hair to become weak and brittle. 

What you can do instead is dab your hair gently with an old t-shirt or microfibre towel, both of which are gentle on your hair and absorb water faster. Plus, they cause less friction to your scalp as well, preventing your hair from looking frizzy and dry. 

5. DON'T: Use too many hair products

We get it, you use different oils, serums, conditioners, and more in your attempt to make sure your hair is luscious and healthy.

However, this may backfire instead, as using too many products can cause buildup, resulting in your scalp getting irritated. To prevent this, determine which products you truly need and stick to them. If you must have multiple options, use them sparingly.

6. DO: Brush your hair before you shower

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You know how your hair sometimes gets tangled after you shower? And then you'll have to susah payah untangle your hair knots while it's still wet. This is damaging to your hair because you end up tugging it while showering, resulting in hair breakage. 

Instead, brush your hair to untangle any knots before you step into the shower. It may seem tedious, but it can work wonders. You'll notice that it's so much easier to wash your hair, plus you'll end up having smoother hair too! 

7. DON'T: Wear the same hairstyle every day

Styling your hair the same way or wearing the same hairstyle can damage your hair strands and make it look frizzy. To preserve your hair, you need to let it rest every once in a while. 

Let your hair loose every other day. Or, if you must wear your hair up, tie it up differently or opt for another hairstyle. One of the least damaging hairstyles is a loose ponytail. 

Ultimately, taking good care of your hair is important. You're not only keeping it clean, but also making sure it's healthy and nourished!

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