Choose Your Right Size With Durex's New Icons So You Can Rock That Bed All Night Long

Different strokes for different folks. ;)

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Let's get real. How comfortable are you talking about sex?

Admittedly, sex remains a taboo and sensitive topic among Malaysians, which shouldn't be the case at all! Come on, gais, it's time to stop being such prudes, okay?

Talking about sex openly is important, because that's how we can educate ourselves on the topic. It's especially important to learn about safe sex so we can protect ourselves from sexually-transmitted diseases and infections as well as avoid accidents. 

In support of the brand's global philosophy – "Challenge The Norms", Durex has launched their new campaign tagline, "When It Fits Right, It Feels Right"!

This way, we get to form a society that's more open to talking about sex, or more specifically... condoms. ;)

Y'all, a condom is so much more than just a wrap for your shaft, you know. You can't just go buying any random one to use just 'cause you're rushing to get it on. Using a condom that fits snugly not only helps to prevent STIs and accidents, but also makes getting busy between the sheets more enjoyable. ;)

If you're looking for the right condom to spice things up with your partner, Durex has a wide range of options for you to choose from such as ribbed, flavoured, tight fits, and even extra-lubricated ones! But... how to decide which one to get lah?

Don't worry! Durex now has icons on their condom packs that let you find a condom that fits you juuuussst right.

That's right! Taking condom navigation to the next level, you're bound to find the perfect sheath to wrap it before you tap it. ;) 

Everyone likes different things in bed, kan? Durex's new icons will help you understand which condom you truly need for that maximum pleasure. You can finally find the best condom to get your bed rocking all night, bow chika wow wowwwwww, hehe! 

You can also rest assured that with 90 years of manufacturing experience in the industry, Durex ensures that their products perform well and exceed global quality standards. 

Here are the deets on their new icons:

1. How Wide
Not sure which size to get to wrap your tool? From regular to large, find your right size by looking for the right icon.

2. How Smooth
Love it extra smooth so that things will move cepat sikit? Select your preferred lubrication to find your desired texture.

3. How Thin
From thin to thick, choose your preferred thickness based on how sensitive you want it to be. ;)

Durex also prepared a chart, so you can understand which condom shields your rocket the best ;)

Durex has a wide range of condoms for you to choose from, each pack suited for different needs. 

Remember, when it fits right, it feels right. It's essential to find the best fit to ensure the condom not only gives you extra pleasure, but is also effective in preventing STIs and accidents!

Plus, Durex's navigation tool on Shopee can also help you find your perfect fit by answering a few simple questions. Senang je!

Image via Durex (Shopee)

Whether you're looking for the right width, smoothness, or thickness, Durex has it all. The navigation tool on Shopee will present you with four different options – Greater Sensitivity, Assurance, Extra Pleasure, and Confidence and Comfort.

Here's what it'll look like: 

Image via Durex (Shopee)

Choose any of the options, and you'll then be asked to select your preferred thickness.

Once you're done, Durex will suggest the best type of condom for you, so you can feel extra syok and stay safe while you take a trip to pound town! You can check out the navigation tool here

So, whatchu waiting for? Head over to Durex's Shopee store today to find your best fit!

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