65-Year-Old Pak Cik Won't Raise Price Of RM1 Nasi Lemak After 6 Years Despite Rising Costs

He claims that he doesn't have the heart to do so, as most of his customers are people from the village.

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Despite the ever-rising cost of food and the popularity of his nasi lemak, this senior citizen from Kedah has been selling his wares at RM1 a packet for the past six years — and he claims he doesn't intend to change that

Former taxi driver Azizan Mat Said lives in Kampung Ruat, Kedah, peddling his wares between the narrow opening hours of 4pm and 6pm.

Despite only having a two-hour business window, the 65-year-old manages to sell 400 packets of nasi lemak a day, with the assistance of his wife, Fatimah Ayob, 61.

The more than reasonable RM1 price tag doesn't mean that Azizan skimps on his ingredients either, with one packet containing egg, anchovies, ground nuts, cucumbers, and sambal — the whole shebang.

"Everything is wrapped in banana leaves," he told Kosmo.

Image via Kosmo

Despite only receiving a small profit from the sales, the senior citizen states that he will not be raise his prices, as he does not have the heart to do so

"All the things are expensive — ikan bilis, ikan termenung, eggs, and chicken; but I could not bring myself to increase the prices," he said. "I am used to selling at RM1 and most of my customers are village people."

As such, his prices have not budged for the past six years, despite the soaring costs of his ingredients.

Azizan also sells fried side dishes and traditional kuih to help him cover his business costs, on top of accepting bulk orders for events.

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