[VIDEO] Indian Dad Sheds Tears Of Joy As He Drops Daughter Off At Her Dream College

Finally, a proud Asian parent. :')

Cover image via @pre.xsha (Instagram)

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A video of a father shedding tears of joy while dropping his daughter off at her new college in New Delhi, India, has gone viral

The heartwarming video was shared by the daughter herself, Preksha, on Instagram, where her father can be seen crying beside her mum, while they sit in a rickshaw to Preksha's new campus in Delhi University.

"POV (point of view): You made your parents proud," reads the video's onscreen text.

"They were dropping me off at 'our' dream destination – Miranda House College, Delhi University," Preksha explained in her post's caption.

"It was my first day, so we were just exploring the campus and suddenly I noticed tears rolling down my father's eyes. He was so overwhelmed with happiness and was on another level of emotions."

The daughter also thanked her parents for supporting her to get to where she is today

"The fact that his jigar ka tukda (beloved daughter) will be living far away from him was a bitter truth too," she wrote.

"But those tears told me that all the sacrifices I made, all the hard work I did, each and everything to achieve this dream, is all worth it in the end. All I can say is I would do anything to see your smiley faces and sparkling eyes!"

"Thank you, mumma papa! I love you."

Delhi University.

Image via Business Standard News

The video has since amassed over 12 million views and 1.7 million likes, with many netizens — as well as celebrities — sharing that the video also brought them to tears

Indian actor Rohit Saraf commented, "This is the best video on the Internet. Love this so, so much. Congratulations!"

Image via Instagram

The official account of Netflix India also said, "The perfectly matched soundtrack for such a beautiful moment. Big hugs to everyone on this journey!"

Image via Instagram

While many other netizens wished the student luck on her new chapter.

One said: "This is magical. Welcome to the Miranda House. You're going to love it and yes, you should be proud of yourself for reaching here."

Image via Instagram

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