Mak Cik Asks To Photoshop Patrons In Her Stall... Biker Club Turns Up To Make It A Reality

"I've always wanted many customers like those in other stores that have gone viral," she said.

Cover image via Edit Apa Hari Ini (Facebook) & Mehwan Gulai Kawah (Facebook)

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A local eatery owner's request to edit customers into a photo of her food stall has gotten the attention of social media users

The business owner humbly confessed on Facebook community group 'Edit Apa Hari Ini?', which translates to 'What Are We Editing Today?', that she would appreciate it if someone could help her so that the busy photo may entice more customers to visit her shop.

"Can anyone edit this photo of my shop so that it looks like it has many customers?" she asked, adding that she has felt like giving up her business before, especially when she once only earned RM47 after a whole day of work.

However, she persisted because running a stall is the only skill she knows for a living.

"I've always wanted many customers like those in other stores that have gone viral, even though that is just a dream. I hope that dream will become a reality."

Sure enough, the group of Photoshop enthusiasts started to work their magic and wished her the best of luck after reading her story

"I pray to God that mak cik's life will be made easier moving forward, and that your family will always be blessed," wished the Facebook user who edited the following photo.

Another shared their work and said, "Now many people are lining up!"

"Let's make this a reality," another netizen joined in.

Meanwhile, many other netizens asked the woman for the location of her eatery and promised to eat there the next time they stopped by

On 6 November, the woman happily shared on her eatery's Facebook page that a group of motorcyclists went to visit her gulai kawah shop in Jempol, Negeri Sembilan that made it look as busy as the edited photos.

"These bikers are among the earliest groups that came to visit our shop. I took the opportunity to take some photos as a memory," she said, while thanking everyone.

As of this writing, the Facebook post has garnered over 18,000 likes and 2,800 comments, with many more netizens sharing their support

"This is the first time I opened the comments section and didn't see many edited photos, only prayers, tips, and support. I'm so proud of Malaysians. There are times to joke, times to criticise, and times to be serious," said a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

Another said, "I have high respect for the members of this editing group, usually we edit photos for fun, but today, this group proved that there are many compassionate humans. Many gave support and many gave advice to the stall owner to grow her business."

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, this netizen said, "I went to her shop last week. Alhamdulillah, her food is delicious. I invite people who often go to Felda Jaya to come here."

Image via Facebook

If you're ever in Negeri Sembilan, Mehwan Gulai Kawah is located at Felda Jaya Selatan food court in Bandar Seri Jempol.

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