2-Year-Old Kid Helps Wash MacBook After Overhearing Dad Say It Has "Too Much Trash" In It

It's the thought that counts right?

Cover image via Jimu News

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It's usually a nice sight for parents to see when their kids take the initiative to help around the house.

However, one pair of parents may never want their daughter to help them with chores ever again.

A father from Shandong province in China has to make do without his MacBook laptop after his two-year-old daughter decided to help wash the device when she overheard him saying that there was "too much rubbish in it".

According to Jimu News, the incident took place on the morning of 20 October, when the father, surnamed Wang (transliteration), was not at home and his wife, surnamed Zhang (transliteration), was busy with other duties around the house.

With no one keeping an eye on the little girl, she took it upon herself to do something nice for her dad and wash his "dirty" MacBook. Her mother found her submerging the device under water and squeezing shower gel onto it.

The little girl pumping shower gel to wash the laptop.

Image via Jimu News

When asked why she washed the MacBook, the little girl told her mother that her father had been complaining about the amount of "garbage" in it

By the toddler's logic, she assumed that the laptop was filled with actual trash and therefore could be cleaned with soap and water. Presumably, Wang must have been talking about digital clutter.

It was only when he returned home that Wang found out what his daughter had done to his RMB9,000 (RM5,851) laptop. The three-year-old device reportedly cannot be turned back on to this day.

"I really didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I wanted to beat her, but she is too young to know anything," Zhang told reporters.

The laptop soaking in a basin filled with soap and water.

Image via Jimu News

You can watch the full video below:

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