M'sian Boy Tries To 'Clean' Mum's New Car With A Broom. The Result Leaves Netizens Amused

Despite his efforts, the 24-day-old car was left with scratches.

Cover image via DashCam Owners Malaysia (Facebook)

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A video showing a helpful young boy helping his mum to wash a new car she bought with a broom has gone viral on Facebook

The boy's mother shared the video in a Facebook group and it shows a young boy washing her 24-day-old Honda Civic RS that is parked at the porch of her house.

The dash cam footage shows the boy seemingly refilling water in a blue watering pot from a faucet nearby as two of his other siblings play in an inflatable pool.

The boy uses the watering pot to pour water all over the car.

Shortly after, he takes a broom and begins dragging it across the hood of the car in an attempt to scrub it clean

He then walks in and out of the pool with his watering pot, as if refilling it, before placing it in the opposite corner of the porch.

The end result did not leave the car squeaky clean but, instead, left the newly-bought Civic with scratches

In the comments section, netizens looked past the damages caused to the car and praised the boy for being a helpful son in the house

One netizen was not sure whether the woman should be sad or happy with the outcome.

Meanwhile, another pointed out that the car can be fixed with money, whereas the boy's happiness and effort to help was priceless.

There was also a Facebook user who emphasised that her son's intentions were good and to nurture those good intentions.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

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