Funny Fishmonger Goes Viral For Sharing How He Feels When Visiting Singapore Aquarium

Fish are friends, but to some, they are also food.

Cover image via Market Fresh (Facebook)

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A fishmonger in Singapore has been cracking the Internet up for feeling like a fish out of water after he recently paid a visit to S.E.A. Aquarium in Resorts World Sentosa

Pan shared his experience on his fish business Facebook page, Market Fresh, yesterday, 24 October, which has quickly garnered over 5,800 shares at the time of writing.

He starts off by revealing how his son wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up.

"Preservation of aquatic creatures is not high on a fishmonger's agenda," he adds, with a selfie of him and his son in the background excitedly pointing at a creature in the aquarium.

He goes on to exclaim how the aquarium has so many varieties of fish and in his words, "They all look so fresh!"

He follows up with the first photo of a stingray which he describes as, "SGD16/kg (RM53/kg). Great for BBQs."

He then continues to list out other fish in the aquarium, with funny details such as how much they would cost in a restaurant and what they would taste like.

"Striped rabbitfish. Very popular with the Cantonese for frying. SGD10/kg (RM33/kg)."

"Guitarshark. The meat is only SGD10/kg (RM33/kg). The stout, on the other hand, is SGD50/kg (RM166/kg). Tastes like jelly after steaming. Takes a lot of work to prepare though."

Through a fishmonger's eyes, the underwater world is a delightful menu

"Golden pomfret. SGD12/kg (RM39/kg)."

"Moray eels. I have actually seen this for sale in the wet market before. No idea who would eat this," he explains.

"Ikan selar. SGD10/kg (RM33/kg)."

At the garden eels display, he shares that he's seen these creatures fried and used in soup in China, while the jellyfish are "very good for rojak"

"Crystal whitefish. Usually cooked with pineapples. SGD12/kg (RM39/kg)."

And of course, there's no escape for the giant grouper, which Pan says would cost roughly SGD50/kg (RM166/kg).

He shares photos with descriptions of the other marine life they spot along the way:

"Prawns. Sea one."

"Sea cucumber. Dried ones can go for hundreds of dollars per kg. Fresh ones look like poop."

Until he finally spots a creature that isn't usually found in the ocean...

"Diver. Cannot eat. Not worth money," he writes jokingly.

Pan, however, then ends his Facebook post with a heartwarming photo that perfectly encapsulates the entire experience

"Spending the day with my family. Priceless."

You can read his full Facebook post below:

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