What's Your Favourite Colour? We Explain The Psychology Behind It And How It Affects You

Which colour do you resonate with the most?

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Colours can have a unique impact on your mood and thoughts

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They evoke spontaneous emotions – that's why what you wear or how your room looks can affect your mood and stress. For some, an aesthetic minimalist home with light beige tones can feel soothing. For others, a bright pop of colour will stop them in their tracks and make them feel happy.

Your colour preference is often due to various factors, including your personality, environment, experience, and upbringing. The important thing is learning the effects that certain colours have on you, and how you can use that to your benefit.

Here's the psychology behind these colours, and how it affects you:

NOTE: Pick the colour that resonates most with you. If more than one colour comes to mind, read all of the descriptions to understand the complex dynamics of colour psychology.

1. Green

Green is a colour located directly at the centre of the colour spectrum. It has a relaxing, refreshing effect, and is thought to relieve stress and help heal.

Tidewater Green
is one of the 2021 Colour Trends by Shutterstock. A deep molten teal, Tidewater Green has more green than blue, with grey undertones and a dash of yellow. Serene, imaginative, and revitalising, the colour is 'a healing salve after a turbulent year'.

Besides its strong association to nature, like lush green fields and forests, the colour green can also signify generosity, health, and good luck. On the flip side, it may also display materialism, with a desire to own things and control people.

Here's how green affects you:
Surrounding yourself with greenery can help revitalise you when you're physically, mentally, or emotionally exhausted. It can be as simple as having a few potted plants at home – even artificial ones will do the trick.

2. Red

Red is a colour that grabs attention. In colour psychology, red provokes the strongest and most contrasting emotions of any colour. It can be used to symbolise rage and anger, but is also linked to love and passion.

Some people may find lighter shades of red fun and playful, while darker shades like maroon can represent confidence. However, others may find red too bold, exciting, or even dominating.

Here's how red affects you:
While red is powerful and energising, too much of it can be overbearing. Use it as an accent colour to draw attention, like having a cute red clock in your living room. You might want to think twice before painting your bedroom walls bright red, though. ;P

3. Blue

Often found in nature such as the bright blue sky or deep blue ocean, the colour blue is usually described as calming, peaceful, and serene. Blue is also seen as a sign of stability and reliability.

However, as a cool colour, blue can sometimes give off icy, distant, or even cold vibes. Blue can also create feelings of sadness or loneliness.

Here's how blue affects you:
Blue is a colour that helps you calm down, relax, and focus. You can decorate your work space with blue, as research has shown that people are more productive in blue rooms. Another interesting fact is that blue has been shown to lessen your appetite.

4. Yellow

The colour yellow is bright and intense. It is the most visible and attention-grabbing colour, but is also the most fatiguing to the eye. While yellow can be seen as cheerful and energetic, it can also create feelings of frustration, especially when overused.

Darker shades of yellow, like gold, give off a regal, sophisticated vibe. Lighter shades of yellow, on the other hand, feel gentle and approachable.

Here's how yellow affects you:
If you're feeling a little blue or under the weather, help cheer yourself up by wearing a mustard yellow top or putting on some cute yellow socks. However, try to stay away from bright yellow environments if you're feeling agitated, because it could further irritate you.

5. White / Beige

White is the absence of any colour, and often represents purity or innocence. To some, white may seem bright, clean, and spacious, but it can also be boring and bland to others.

Lighter tones like beige or grey have a similar effect as white, and are often used in home interior design. This is because these colours are neutral, comfortable, and blend in well with other colours. The meaning of these lighter tones may also change, depending on what colour it accompanies.

Here's how white/beige affects you:
Using white or beige at home will produce a warm and relaxing environment, while making the area feel clean and comforting. Wearing these colours will also give you a calming and pleasant vibe. The great thing is that you can always use an extra pop of any colour to add some character.

The colours you surround yourself with can actually affect your emotions and behaviours, in small and big ways.

That's why choosing the right decor for your home or the perfect colour for your outfit can go a long way in making you happier. :)

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