Feeling Warm & Stuffy While On Your Period? SOFY's Longest Cooling Pad Will Keep You Fresh

Ladies, y'all are gonna wanna read this!

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To all the ladies out there, listen up! Do you ever dread that time of the month?

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Yep, I'm sure you know what we're talking about. Aunt Flo, the Big Red Sea... or to put it simply, your PERIOD.

We're all aware of what comes with our period; cramps, discomfort, cravings

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And we all know that cold food and drinks are forbidden during this time because they can potentially make your cramps worse. That means no ice cream and iced sodas T_T

But, there's still a way for you to soothe your cramps, and feel fresh while you're on your period!

The SOFY Cooling Fresh pad is a new and first sanitary pad that can give you a five-hours-long cooling sensation

SOFY, Japan’s No.1 sanitary pad brand has manufactured its sanitary pads by using Japan Tech Cool Mint Sheets for that cool, soothing feeling.

The SOFY Cooling Fresh pad comes in the 'Longest Length' for the 'Longest Protection' :D

The SOFY Cooling Fresh sanitary pad is the longest cooling sanitary pad in Malaysia, measuring at a whopping 42cm for their night pads, and 26cm for their day maxi pads.

Confirm no need to worry about any leakages throughout the day!

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With all the wetness down there, it's very easy to grow uncomfortable because it might actually start to smell

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But, you don't have to worry with SOFY Cooling Fresh! This range of pads is made with natural plant essential oils to prevent any unpleasant odours :D

Watch this video to find out more:

Gais, there's more! SOFY is having a few awesome promos on their Cooling Fresh pads.

1. With the purchase of any TWO regular packs of SOFY Cooling Fresh pads, you're entitled to a FREE Touch N Go eWallet PIN worth RM5. Find out more here:

2. If you wanna buy your sanitary pads online, head over to Watsons Online and enjoy RM1.50 off when you use the code 'SOFYCOOL' upon checking out. 

3. Under their 'You Buy, I Donate!' initiative, SOFY will donate RM1 to the Women's Aid Organization (WAO) with any purchase of ONE regular pack of SOFY Cooling Fresh sold in Aeon and Watsons.

Wanna know more about the SOFY Cooling Fresh pads? Visit their website to find out all the deets!

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