Singaporean Mum Uses Unique Method To Discipline Her 3 Kids Instead Of Spanking

Say goodbye to rotans.

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If you grew up in an Asian household, chances are you've experienced the occasional belt, wooden spoon, or hand whenever you messed up

You know how the proverb goes, "Spare the rod and spoil the child". But how effective are these methods?

Almost every Asian household had one of these.

Image via u/alakazammmm (Reddit)

Leza Klenk is a mum from Singapore who takes a different approach to disciplining her three children, instead of spanking or raising her voice

On 9 October, Klenk shared her parenting style in a Facebook post, which has since gone viral.

She reveals that she uses three punishment methods on her nine-year-old, tween, and teenager.

"For small offences, e.g. tak gantung tuala etc, I just charge SGD0.50 (RM1.52). Contribute to tabung Jar of Pain, which [at the] end of the month, we spend at an arcade or a nice restaurant as a family meal.

She explains that she has a 'board' of charges for offences stuck on the fridge so that fines are fixed and her children are aware of how much to pay

In situations where they argue among themselves, annoy her, or jump like monkeys, she usually sends them outside to play for awhile

"That means they have way too much energy – best solution, I sent them outside to play for one to two hours. I close my door (sic)," she wrote.

And for "bigger responsibilities" such as not tidying up or doing their homework, Klenk says that she immediately confiscates their gadgets.

"They will feel the pain of losing their gadgets and money, so automatically they learn."

Although their methods seem unconventional, Klenk says that she and her husband avoid hitting their children in case it creates resentment towards them

In her post, she notes that it is important to not make the offences list too long or sound too petty.

"This puts children under pressure, thinking they are always walking on thin ice. Just reasonable possible 'crimes' but bear in mind to also let them be mischievous and creative as children. Kids don't grow best in very #regimented households."

Several responded to her post saying that her strategy seems to be a great idea. And a few even want to try them out on their own kids.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

You can check out her full post below:

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