Sabah Mum Thought 7-Year-Old Son Stole Money But Was Surprised To Find Out What Happened


Cover image via Hasmi Samsuddin/Facebook

A mum in Sabah had the surprise of her life when she found out that her seven-year-old son had become quite the entrepreneur

In a Facebook post on 3 January, Hasmi Samsuddin shared that she noticed something off when her son, Qaiser Rifqi Martin, came home from school asking for his piggy bank.

After questioning him, she discovered that the RM2 allowance she had given him that morning had doubled to RM4.

Assuming that he might have stolen it, Hasmi immediately asked him why he took his friend's money.

But she was about to realise how very wrong she was.

The young boy confessed that he had actually been selling grasshoppers to his friends at school and made money from it.

Her Facebook post has racked up over 3,900 shares since then.

Qaiser's resourcefulness left the Internet tickled, as some recalled times they had sold random items as a child

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"I used to sell keropok too. And my parents were just as sporting," one person commented.

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Another wrote, "I used to sell ladybugs. One for 50 sen. Yellow ones were RM1."

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"Last time I used to sell stickers. Went to school with RM1. Came home full of coins. One sticker was 50 sen," said another person.

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"I also used to sell gooseberries. 10 pieces for 10 sen. When it's closer to recess, it's five pieces for 10 sen."

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Meanwhile, one person shared that her sibling makes money for his mum.

"My younger sibling sells six ice creams for RM1 and said it's to help his mum earn money."

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You can read the full post below:

We can always count on children to make us laugh:

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