OMG, This Woman’s Biceps Are Bigger Than Yours

Do you even lift, bro?

Cover image via Jhi Yeon Woo Facebook

Meet Jhi Yeon Woo.

Yeon Woo was your average girl-next-door with a sweet face and a slim body until...

Jhi Yeon Woo (left) posing for a photo.

Image via Lollipop

...she started working out and got into bodybuilding!

Her body has undergone some serious transformation over the years. Just look at those biceps!

Image via Jhi Yeon Woo
Image via Jhi Yeon Woo
Image via Jhi Yeon Woo

Hailing from Seoul, South Korea, the 32-year-old shot to fame for her charming looks and for having a physique that would put many guys to shame

Image via AsianTown
Image via AsianTown
Image via AsianTown

With a pretty face and killer body, Yeon Woo has won many accolades as a bodybuilder including the 2015 Korean International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Womens Physique Competition

Yeon Woo is credited as the first Asian Professional to compete in the IFBB Womens Physique ranks.

Yeon Woo brings an incredible balance of muscular aestheticism and classic beauty that really inspires on stage and that quality shown through as she obtained her pro status by winning the Arnold Classic Europe Overall Womens Physique championship in 2013.

In October 2015, Atlanta-based company APS Nutrition signed Yeon Woo to become one of their athletes.

It is Yeon Woo's dream to be crowned as the first Ms Olympia of Asian descent

She shared with APS Nutrition via her translator, “I try myself to live with no regrets. From my perspective, to not have regrets is to become one of the most beautiful and memorable bodybuilders ever. As a woman, I want to live happily as a passionate and lovely person.”

You can view more photos of Yeon Woo on her Facebook Page and Instagram.

On the other hand, this "vaginal weightlifter" from Canada is really out of the ordinary:


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