Find The Fox The Next Time You're Out And Be Rewarded With Free Apple Cider

Free drinks aww yeaahh!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Apple Fox Cider.

Here's some good news if you're an apple cider fan: keep a careful lookout the next time you're out and you could score yourself some free Apple Fox Cider!

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Throughout this month, Apple Fox Cider has set up challenges and foxy promos that will make you want to grab a Fox for sure

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From now until 15 April 2018, loads of 'foxes' have invaded various locations all over the country to inject some unconventional witty fun into your day.

All you have to do is Find the Fox, and you'll be rewarded with delicious and refreshing Apple Fox Cider!

Here are some clues on how you can Find the Fox:

1. Look for the sneaky hidden 'foxes' while you're shopping for groceries

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The next time you're having a cider, don't throw out the empty bottle or can. Bring it along with you to your nearest supermarket or hypermarket and look for the 'foxes' in hiding. 

Once you find one, trade in your empty cider bottle or can for a fresh, new can of Apple Fox Cider. It's like having a never-ending supply of Apple Fox Cider!

Click here for the full list of all participating supermarkets and hypermarkets.

2. Take up the '#WHATTHEFOX Is In The BOX' challenge with your friends

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'Foxes' will be roaming around selected pubs and bars, with a mysterious challenge in their hands. Give it a try if you dare!

Plunge your hand into the unknown depths of the mystery box and figure out what the item inside is. If you guess correctly, you'll win yourself free Apple Fox Cider. Get your friends to try it too!

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Don't worry if you're too chicken though, you can still enjoy the Buy 3 Free 1 promo for Apple Fox Cider while you watch others feel things up. ;)

Find out where you can catch the roaming 'foxes' here.

Don't miss out on this chance to Find the Fox and enjoy the fresh, crisp, and seriously satisfying taste of Apple Fox Cider

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Apple Fox Cider is made from the best, freshest apples from orchards all over the world. These apples are plucked and crushed to make Apple Fox, for a naturally crisp texture and intense flavour that makes the best tasting cider.

Created using the best-kept secrets of New Zealand Cider Makers, Apple Fox Cider is a refreshing, crisp alcoholic beverage with the natural taste of apples. It's the perfect drink for those who crave for a little spontaneous adventure, those who are open to challenging the norm and an easy-to-drink cider experience.

Enjoy Apple Fox Responsibly.

Find the Fox's whereabouts here

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