There's A Travel Site That Lets You Rent An Oppa To Show You Around Korea

Each oppa comes with a different tour itinerary.

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Hands up if you've ever dreamed of touring around Korea with a handsome oppa by your side! *starts daydreaming*

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Btw, in case you don't know what an oppa is, it's a Korean term used by females to refer to an older male. While it can be used to refer to any older male in general, including siblings, the more common use is as a term of endearment for a boyfriend.

If you guys stalk FB 24/7 like we do, you may have seen photos of this Korean travel site being spread around recently

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So as the name suggests, Oh My Oppa is a travel platform that allows you to rent an oppa for a day to take you on a private tour around Korea.

The aim is for you to get a better understanding of Korean culture, tradition and history, as well as have a unique non-touristy experience, by getting a local to show you around.

Each potential oppa-for-rent comes with his own tour itinerary that's been personalised according to his interests and specialities. Check out some of the guys below:

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1. Raymond's your guy if you love Korean food

Image via Oh My Oppa

He'll take you on a foodie trail through Gwangjang Market and maybe with him by your side you'll dare to try some of the more "unique" delicacies like the moving octopus and raw beef sashimi.

Image via Oh My Oppa

2. Or if you want a look at the more traditional side of Korea, go for Ryan

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His studies in architecture and interest in history makes him the best guide for a tour that explores Gyeongbokgung Palace and the streets of Insadong, which are known for its traditional architecture, teahouses, and Korean cultural experiences. He'll even help hook you up with a hanbok (Korean traditional outfit) rental.

Image via Oh My Oppa

3. Wanna have a chill day out like the locals do? Joon's got you.

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Joon has been living in Seoul for more than 20 years so he def knows the city like the back of his hand. From playing with adorable raccoons at a cafe, to wandering the streets of Hongdae while eating street food, and even getting a tarot card reading, he'll show you how Koreans have fun.

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4. You'll literally be in for a day of non-stop fun and games with Jake

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With Jake as your guide, you'll be spending the day playing with everything from old-school board and arcade games to trending stuff like VR experiences and BB guns. And you can go crazy rocking out together to your favourite K-pop songs at a karaoke.

Image via Oh My Oppa

According to the site, Oh My Oppa is currently closed but the good news for all of you planning trips to Korea is that they'll be up and running again in April 2018 ;)

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Would you want to rent an oppa to show you around Korea? Which guy would you choose? Let us know in the comments section below!

Remember when some guys offered themselves up as rental boyfriends for CNY last year?

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