This Small Town With 24,000 Residents Has Become The First 'Cashless Kampung' In Malaysia

Hint: It's a popular tourist spot. ;P

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Recently, a small town in Selangor became the first 'cashless kampung' in Malaysia! :O

Popularly known for its paddy fields and fishing village, Sekinchan has been gaining attention not just for being a holiday destination, but also a digitally-savvy destination tourist spot.

Despite having a population of just 24,000 residents, Sekinchan is ready to provide cashless convenience to urban tourists

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No cash? No problem!

As part of the 'Visit Sekinchan 2023' campaign, more businesses in the small town now accept cashless payments, be it card or QR payment. This is thanks to the support of residents and businesses who have started using the digital payment tools rolled out by Hong Leong Bank (HLB) under the Project Cashless Kampung with collaboration with PayNet.

HLB has been helping Sekinchan residents and businesses open bank accounts, apply for debit cards, and connect with the bank digitally without visiting a bank branch

The bank has equipped businesses with a HLB DuitNow starter kit, which includes a DuitNow QR Code to accept contactless QR payments from mobile banking apps and e-wallets, as well as the All-in-One Payment Terminal that accepts both card and QR payments.

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Selangor Assemblyman for Sekinchan Ng Suee Lim said that while the scenic fishing town was already alluring for visitors, its popularity is set to rise even more, with digital payment convenience establishing it as a full-fledged holiday destination for locals and foreigners alike.

"The 'Visit Sekinchan 2023' campaign is an important milestone for us, not only in recognising the significance of going digital, but also the value it brings to the socio-economic growth of the town. It will also spur small businesses to explore other digital business options," said Ng.

According to HLB Group Managing Director and CEO Domenic Fuda, these efforts are part of the bank's dedication to close the digital gap

800 businesses in Sekinchan have now adopted cashless payments thanks to HLB and PayNet.

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"As a community bank, part of our commitments is to close the digital gap between urban and non-urban areas, ensuring all communities benefit from digital and financial inclusivity. Beyond providing the tools, our team has been on ground helping the Sekinchan community to cope with the technological learning curve and realise the potential that comes with digital and cashless payment options.

"We have seen how cashless payments can help increase the value of sales for vendors, as customers are likely to spend more without worrying about looking for an ATM machine.

"We hope that now, with the added convenience of being cashless-enabled, it will rejuvenate domestic tourism, entice foreigners to visit, as well as provide an opportunity to expand the business via e-commerce," Fuda added.

What's cool is that even places of worship have adopted cashless payment, including the famous Pantai Redang Datuk Kong Temple

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The temple is well-known for its wishing tree adorned with red ribbons containing wishes from visitors.

According to the temple management, visitors are now delighted to be able to make their donations via DuitNow QR code, not only for its convenience but also the discretion it provides. For the temple, it also saves them the hassle of managing the donation box and preventing theft.

From now until 30 April, the small town will be running a fun-filled digital treasure hunt called 'SekinGo' to showcase the best of Sekinchan and support local businesses

Spanning across 28 locations, these 'SekinStops' include famous sightseeing destinations like Pantai Redang and the Wishing Tree, Pasar Awam Sekinchan, and other hidden gems.

At each 'SekinStop', visitors can earn 'SekinCoins' by scanning the QR code, and win up to RM15,000 worth of prizes.

Ready for a getaway to Sekinchan? Plan your trip today and make sure to visit a 'SekinStop' for a chance to win amazing prizes!

And remember, no cash also never mind. Just pay with your card or e-wallet, yasss. :P

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