DIY Flower Home Remedies & 6 Other Tips For Healthy Hair From M'sians Who Have Tried Them

Healthy hair, happy hair!

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Note: Cover image used for illustration purposes only. Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

1. "I've been making and using some DIY hair remedies to nourish my hair and promote hair growth"

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Image via 100 Percent Pure

"I tend to tug at my hair a lot (nervous habit lol), which causes it to fall out. Buttttt the good thing is that I don't do it as often anymore.

"I heard that rose can revitalise damaged hair and promote hair growth, so I've been making different hair remedies. I add a splash of rose water to my shampoo, which saves me the need to condition my hair tbh. At the same time, I also wash my hair with a rinse made from adding rose petals to boiling water. 

"I tend to have an oily scalp as well from wearing my tudung for long hours, so I occasionally make a hair treatment mask too. The flower ingredients I add are crushed dried rose petals and white tea blossom leaves, both of which work great to help cleanse and revitalise my scalp, huhu." 

- Amira 

2. "I start showering with warm water, then gradually decrease the temperature. This way, I get to cut down on my hair's dryness."

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"I often shower in hot water, and it's a known fact that the heat can make your hair really dry. But I absolutely hate showering in cold water! Showering is also a way for me to relax and unwind, okay? 

"So, what did I do? To make it easier, I start with a warm shower, then gradually decrease the temperature. This way, I get to cut down on my hair's dryness, while still enjoying a bit of heat." 


3. "To give my hair more volume without damaging it, I tip my head upside down and blow dry it"

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Image via BOLD

"I used to have this obsession of blow drying my hair on high heat, which dried my hair faster and gave it more volume, but it also caused it to become damaged and frizzy. My hair also ended up falling out easily and looking dry most of the time.

"So, to avoid it, I now blow dry my hair using the cool air setting. What about the volume, you wonder? I blow dry it upside down, and once it's done, voilà, I get nice, voluminous hair! It might take longer to dry, but it still works well!"


4. "Dengar kata, using rice water can help with strengthening hair and increasing hair shine, so I've been making my own rice water at home"

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Image via Cleveland Clinic

"My hair tends to fall out a lot when showering and combing. I was like 'omg, I need to fix this before I become botak'. I tried this rice water hack that I found online, and I've been obsessed with it ever since!  

"I use half a cup of uncooked rice, and basuh it just like how you would basuh your rice before cooking it. After that, I place it in a bowl and add one cup of water, then leave it to rendam for 30 minutes. Then, I'll strain it and tuang the water into a bottle. I usually use it after shampooing and conditioning my hair, and leave it on for about 20 minutes. My hair definitely looks shinier, and I've noticed that it falls out less also.

"I also brew and drink white tea every now and then, 'cause I also heard that it can help to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. Well, if you want your hair to be cantik and healthy, you gotta put in a bit of effort!" 

- Hanis

5. "Try using olive oil for the hair! Not the cooking one, but one specifically for the hair."

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Image via AtHomeDiva

"When I was a kid, my hair was super tangled. My mom would brush the ends in olive oil, and let it sit for about 20 minutes before showering. We did this every day, and until today my hair is super soft!

"At one time it got coarse again, so I tried the olive oil hack for a couple of weeks and truth be told, it's soft like a baby's butt again lol."

- Nicole

6. "I started using hair clips as an alternative to keep my hair up. Since it's a really loose hairstyle, there's no pressure on my roots."

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Image via Shopee

"Because we live in such hot weather, I used to tie my hair up in a super tight ponytail. This caused a lot of strain to the roots of my hair, which led to hair breakage and terrible headaches.

"Since I now use hair clips instead, there's not much pressure on the roots of my hair, and I've noticed how it doesn't break off as easily as it used to. Most importantly, I don't get headaches that frequently anymore!!"

- Aria

7. "To help lock in moisture and keep my hair and scalp moisturised after washing, I apply some jasmine oil"

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Image via Naturally Curly

"My hair always feels so nice after washing, but it gets pretty frizzy when it dries. A friend of mine shared with me that jasmine oil helps to cut down on frizziness and lock in moisture. I gave it a shot and it helped!  

"Just make sure to work small amounts of the oil into your scalp and strands directly after washing. You don't wanna use too much, else your hair ends up looking greasy." 


Whether it's the hot weather, using the wrong products, or due to sensitive scalps, there are many factors that cause our hair to dry out, get damaged, or become oily. That's why it's important to determine the root cause and find the right method to care for our hair.

Looking for a harsh-free and natural way to pamper and rejuvenate your hair? Dove recently released their first ever petal-infused Dove Botanicals shampoos!

Featuring two variants – Pink Moroccan Rose and White Tea Blossom – these shampoos are infused with flower petals and packed with 100% botanical oils to hydrate and nourish your hair. Flower petals for healthy hair? Whaaaaat? :O 

Best of all, whether you have frizzy, oily, or damaged hair, the improved variants work to revitalise it while also adding sweet floral fragrance, so that your hair will feel and smell good. 

What's also cool about the new Dove shampoo is that the solution is silicone and paraben-free, and contains dissolvable petals

Why a silicone and paraben-free shampoo, you wonder? According to Healthline, while silicone and paraben may give your hair a nice shine, they can be drying and may not work well on sensitive scalps. Therefore, to cater to different hair needs and types, Dove's new shampoo boasts natural ingredients like pure botanical oil, which can help to keep your hair hydrated and moisturised, while giving it a nice shine.

Additionally, as you lather the shampoo into your hair, the petals, which also contain botanical oil, will dissolve to nourish your hair, wah! You'll be mesmerised by the process and beauty of it.

Other than that, both of the variants feature a lightweight and clear formulation to keep your hair light and airy after washing.

Here's a closer look at what you'll get to enjoy from each variant:

Pink Moroccan Rose + Botanical Oil
- Formulated with 100% plant-derived Moroccan rose oil and rose extract
- Filled with a floral and fruity fragrance
- Hydrates and restores damaged hair
- Suitable for dry or damaged hair

White Tea Blossom + Botanical Oil
- Formulated with 100% plant-derived cedar wood oil and white tea extract
- Filled with a floral fragrance and premium tea notes
- Hydrates hair and clarifies scalp
- Suitable for normal or oily hair

Can't wait to try out the newly-improved Dove Botanical shampoos? You can get them from Watsons, both in-store and online today!

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