Terer Ke Tak? We Put 6 Malaysian Makeup Brands To The Test

You guys are in for a treat!

Cover image via Fionaa Kessler/SAYS

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1. NITA Cosmetics

Right off the bat: Adorable packaging

I thought NITA Cosmetics had really, really cute packaging. The Tiffany blue hue immediately caught my eye, and the themes of the products are super cute too! 

Their foundation, the Mikrofon Foundation, is weightless and has a very glowy finish. It's also a pretty good match for my skintone, so to all you brown beauties out there, you could give this foundation a shot. I'm an NC45 in MAC and Tahoe in NARS, and Mikrofon Foundation in the shade 7.0 was a great match.

This formula also tends to oxidise on my combination skin, so be careful of that as well. Also, if you've got a little skin texture like me, this foundation's formula might make it look more pronounced. 

Here's how I look after applying their products:

Excuse my unruly brows and hair.

Image via Fionaa Kessler/SAYS

Another noteworthy mention is their Mata Kucing Brow Liner. While I'm more used to a pomade-type formula, this product was definitely easy to use. It comes with an all-in-one pencil, tinted gel, and spoolie brush, which is a lifesaver if you struggle with sparse brows. 

NITA Cosmetics Mata Kucing Brow Liner

Image via Fionaa Kessler/SAYS

Their lip products are also pretty good! I received the Tapau Mini Liquid Matte Lipsticks, and again, the packaging slays. The shades in this collection are mainly nude colours with a pinkish tint, perfect for both day and night looks (I'm using MILOH in the pic above). 

The matte lipsticks lasted long on my lips, and there were no issues of peeling, so that's a plus. However, they can be quite sticky as they dry down, so try prepping your lips with some hydrating lipbalm. They can also be removed pretty easily (for reference, I use Bioderma Hydrabio Micellar Cleansing Water).

Check out their products here.

NITA Cosmetics Tapau Mini Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Image via Fionaa Kessler/SAYS

2. GLAM X Beauty

Right off the bat: Dat pigmentation tho

If you've heard of Glam X Beauty, you probably know about their ~ iconic ~ eyeshadow palettes that are loved by many. I got to try their Sugar Baby eyeshadow palette, and I must say that the shades are suuuuuper pigmented and buttery, especially the metallic foil shades.

The glittery shades were also very pigmented, but the glitter can be pretty chunky and may irritate your eyes. It also required a lil' bit of finesse when I was trying to remove it, hehe. Otherwise, I'd wager that this eyeshadow palette is suitable for all skin tones. 

Check out my finger swatches of the product:

(L-R): Swatches of some metallic shades, matte shades (top right) and glitter shades (bottom right).

Image via Fionaa Kessler/SAYS

Glam X Beauty also has makeup brushes that come in a gorge iridescent pouch. It's got a very unicorn aesthetic to it, don'tcha think? The brushes were soft but still dense, making it very easy to use and pick up product.

Check out their products here.

Look at their brushes, so pretty amaigad.

Image via Fionaa Kessler/SAYS

3. BeauTYRA

(L to R): Mermaid, Cottontail

Image via Fionaa Kessler/SAYS

Right off the bat: Lovely blushers

These very versatile blushers from BeauTYRA are suitable for brown skin tones. I liked Cottontail, a nice, warm terracotta blush that adds a hint of colour to my cheeks. They're also highly pigmented, and have great colour payoff! 

I also liked this blush because it had a matte formulation. I tend to stay away from glittery blushes because I find that matte ones look more natural on my skin. 

Check out their products here.

4. Velvet Vanity

Right off the bat: Loving the brand's aesthetic

Y'all, Velvet Vanity is very Glossier-esque. I love, love, love the concept of the brand because it's so minimalist and cute. The best part is that this brand is cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, and fragrance-free <3 

The Glossy Glo Lip Oil comes in two different shades, Crystal Clear, and Hotshot. The first lip oil is clear, while the latter has a red tint to it. It was very moisturising (personally, I prefer lip oils over lip balms because they hydrate my lips better), and the light tint from Hotshot kinda reminds me of Clarins lip oils. Love it.

Glo With The Flo (Sheer Glow Cheek Colour) in "Peach, What?"

Image via Fionaa Kessler/SAYS

Can we talk about the liquid blush for a sec? Sooo lightweight and with the right amount of pigmentation, this product is definitely a must-have in your cosmetic pouch. They're called Glo With The Flo (Sheer Glow Cheek Colour), and I got it in the shade "Peach, What?".

I must say that I prefer liquid blushers as opposed to powder ones because they're way more hydrating, so I don't have to deal with texture on my skin.

Check out their products here.

5. Kamellia Cosmetics

Right off the bat: Cute pink mermaid aesthetic

Their Flawless Filter Foundation (I'm wearing the shade Toffee) had a nice, hydrating formula, and it's got a slight peach scent that's not overwhelming. This foundation also had a demi-matte finish, so it will definitely look natural on your skin without giving it too much of a sheen. 

This is me wearing only the Flawless Filter Foundation in Toffee on my skin.

Image via Fionaa Kessler/SAYS

Their lip gloss has an amazing, fruity scent too! However, it can be pretty strong, so for those of you who aren't a fan of strongly-scented products, you might wanna sit this one out, hehe. But, it makes my lips lewk juicy and plump. Would totally recommend!

Check out their products here.

6. Breena Beauty

Right off the bat: A great BeautyBlender dupe

If you're on the lookout for an awesome makeup sponge, Breena Beauty's Blending Pearl is the way to go! It helped me create a flawless base for my makeup, and all I had to do was just wet it. It's also super soft, so it's not too harsh on my skin.

This is me wearing only the Healthy Glow foundation in 4.0 Tan (Honey) and setting powder on my skin.

Image via Fionaa Kessler/SAYS

Also, can we just talk about their Healthy Glow foundation for a sec?? It's got a semi-matte finish, and it even has SPF (YAS). I only prepped my skin with moisturiser, dabbed the product in with the Blending Pearl, and set it with some Make Up For Ever translucent setting power. I'd say it did a pretty good job at hiding most of my texture :D The foundation also looked very natural on my skin because the formula felt really weightless, and it was a pretty good colour match too. I'm wearing the shade 4.0 Tan (Honey), which has some nice warm golden undertones.

Check out their products here.

All in all, I'd say Malaysian beauty brands have got it going on <3

There's definitely something for everyone, and I think we can all appreciate that there is more inclusivity in the market (yay for inclusivity). While there is still room for improvement, it's great that Malaysian beauty brands are making the effort to cater to the variety of skin tones we Malaysians have. Also, can I just say that the quality of these products is pretty good too, which is why we should definitely #sapotlokal.

Also, look out for more #SAYSbeauty tips and trends!

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