Here's My Honest Experience After Visiting Lax Retreat In KL

Is it worth visiting? How much does a session cost? We find out.

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There's a new spa that recently opened in KL and it's quickly become the talk of the town

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Lax Retreat is a serene escape for a girls' day out or a self-care session if you need to unwind.

Founded by sisters, Mardhiah and Labiba Nadwa Latiff, Lax opened its doors in March as a safe space for the modern-day woman to prioritise herself or her girlfriends/mothers.

Located in The LINC, KL, the women's-only spa offers body treatments, mani-pedis, and facials.

Lax, which is a play on the word 'relax', aims to pamper women in the midst of their busy lifestyles. With that in mind, careful thought went into the design and interior of the space.

As you enter, you'll be greeted with soft pink, coral, and a hint of mint green tones, flowy curtains, curved walls, and cosy furniture.

There's a lounge, where you can order a drink while waiting for your appointment, or after the session is over.

I recently visited Lax Retreat and here's how my experience went

I booked 'The Skin Deep' body treatment, which is a deep tissue massage that focuses on muscle tension and helps reduce muscle aches.

As you enter the room, you'll be required to change into a pareo. There's a small switch that you turn on to light up an orb outside the room that indicates to the masseuse when you're done changing. 

It's a small detail but it does add that touch of convenience, so you don't need to open the curtains and look for the staff.

There are individual rooms as well as shared rooms if you book a session with a friend.

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Other details like getting to select your playlist (during facials and body treatments) from options, such as Lo-Fi and rain sounds, allows you to customise your experience. 

Prior to the massage, Agesh, my masseuse, tested different scented oils on my hand for me to select from that she could use during the session. 

Not being a fan of soft massages, The Skin Deep was a good choice for me personally. Agesh was really thorough throughout the 60-minute session, focusing on the tensed areas and checking if the pressure was alright for me along the way. 

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The masseuse wore a mask and a pair of gloves throughout the session

However, the gloves did not affect the massage in any way. I almost didn't realise she was wearing them. Or maybe I just desperately needed a massage. :P

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I left feeling like she targeted all the right spots and the tension in my shoulder and neck was loosened. 

At the end of the treatment, Agesh offered complimentary lemongrass and ginger tea at the lounge.

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Here are some other things to take note of:

All things considered, you are paying for the experience and details that you might not get at other spas in general.

The Skin Deep treatment cost RM225 (RM195 for Lax members). Aside from that, they also offer traditional, exfoliating, pre-natal, and other massage types at different prices (some are cheaper than others).

Their mani-pedi sessions are around RM100 onwards, while facials start from RM245 for non-members.

If you're a Lax member (RM39/month or RM399/year), the prices are significantly cheaper, which may work out better in the long run.

Even if you're not someone who visits the spa regularly (like me), it's still quite a pleasant, luxurious experience that you can treat yourself or your loved ones to once in awhile.

You can find out more information on their Facebook and Instagram

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