9 Lychee Recipes Everyone At Your Next Potluck Party Will Love You For

It's time to introduce to everyone the wonders of duck and lychee fried rice.

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Slowly but surely, lychees have been invading the Malaysian food scene, taking center stage in cakes, salads and even sandwiches!

This party season, play the trend to your advantage by preparing some of the most delectable lychee dishes! Here are some ideas:

Chicken & lychee green curry

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Give the basic green curry a kick up the notch with the addition of some fragrant lychees! The sweet fruit adds some freshness to the dish and serves as the perfect contrast to the coconut milk's decadent creaminess and heat from the chilli.

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Lychee & broccoli sandwich

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If you've never thought to stuff broccoli and lychee between bread, now would be a good time to start. Roast the broccoli until slightly tender but still firm to give it a satisfying meatiness and couple that with the fruitiness of the lychee for that contrast of sweetness. Top them all off with some salty, crumbly ricotta and toasted pine nuts and you've got the most epic mix of flavours and textures!

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Fried rice with duck & lychee

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Tired of the same old fried rice? Whip up this imaginative dish! The rich duck meat works wonders with the sweetness of lychee, and provides a delicate mix of flavours for the fragrant rice. To keep it even more fuss-free, use store-bought roasted duck for this recipe.

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Seared tuna steak with lychee & avocado

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We've learned that lychees can go with just about any ingredient so far, so why not pair these sweet things with some fresh tuna and rich, creamy avocado? Show off your on-point kitchen game with this utterly sophisticated platter!

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Crisp salmon, lychee, coriander & chilli salad

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This colourful dish is the perfect fusion of Western and Asian flavours, from the salmon marinated in fish sauce to the refreshing bits of lychee to the generous sprigs of coriander.

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If you're in charge of desserts:

Dragon fruit & lychee pavlova

Imagine ending the night by sinking your teeth in a crispy-crusted pavlova, topped with dragonfruit cubes and lychees, and drizzled with a pomegranate-tinged syrup. If that sounds like your kind of heaven, then give this dainty dessert a spin!

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Coconut lychee ice cream

Who can resist ice cream, especially when it's made from rich coconut milk infused with lychee, ginger, and lime? A scoop of this refreshing, tropically-flavoured dessert is the perfect ending to any meal!

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Raspberry, lychee & vanilla cake

This ready-to-party pink cake showcases the best of raspberries and lychees, with a little help from some vanilla! The tart raspberry buttercream filling is sweetened with some lychee sugar syrup, and they come together perfectly with the light, fluffy chiffon-like vanilla cake.

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Mango lychee chocolate tart

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There's a perfect balance that runs through this dessert, from the contrast of the bright summer fruits with the dark chocolate crust, and from the fresh sweet-and-sour flavours of the fruits to the rich, decadent chocolate. The addition of sago in the custard filling adds a unique texture to the tart too!

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If you're curious to see how lychee works with other flavours, there are a lot of unique concoctions readily available to try before you embark on these new-age recipes

For a start, there's OISHI with its playful mix of green tea with lychee!

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Everyone's go-to Japanese drink is given a refreshing twist with the subtle sweetness of lychee. Try it out, see what you think?

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