Foreign Tourists Visiting Bali To Be Taxed RM46 Starting Next Year

Yes, this also applies to Malaysians.

Cover image via Antara Foto/Nyoman Hendra Wibowo/Reuters

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In a bid to preserve its rich cultural heritage and environment, Balinese officials have declared the implementation of a tourism tax of IDR150,000 (RM46) on foreign visitors entering the island from 2024

Domestic Indonesian tourists will be exempted from this tourism tax.

According to Bali's Governor I Wayan Koster, the one-time fee will have to be paid electronically and will only apply to foreigners entering Bali from abroad or from other parts of Indonesia.

"The payment of a fee for foreign tourists applies only one time during their visit to Bali," Koster was reported as informing local lawmakers in an AFP report carried by The Jakarta Post.

This announcement comes as part of a proactive measure to mitigate the potential adverse effects of tourism on Bali's environment

Koster, when asked if the new tax will deter visitors, highlighted that it is not intended to discourage tourists from visiting Bali but rather to encourage responsible and sustainable tourism practices.

"It's not a problem. We will use it for the environment and culture and we will build better quality infrastructure so travelling to Bali will be more comfortable and safe," he told reporters.

In 2022, Bali had 2.3 million tourists from all over, including Australia and Singapore.

This year, the number of tourists visiting Bali is expected to increase two-fold to 4.5 million, as Bali rebounds from the COVID-19 pandemic after imposing a zero-tolerance policy on rule-breakers.

Image via Seminyak Times

The decision to impose the entrance tax comes after a spate of incidents, officials in Bali vowed a crackdown on misbehaving tourists:

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