"We Do Not Need Naughty Tourists" — Bali Officials Sick Of Foreigners Breaking Rules

From violating traffic laws to causing public nuisance, many foreigners have been making headlines for the wrong reasons.

Cover image via Bali police/Coconuts Bali & Viral Press/Daily Star

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Tourists are being called out in Bali for causing public nuisance and officials are tired of it

The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Menko Marves) Luhut Panjaitan said in a statement earlier this month, "We do not need naughty tourists in Bali".

"If Bali is littered with naughty tourists and a lot of trash, it will damage Bali," he added, according to CNN Indonesia.

As a result, the government will support all steps to control foreign tourists who misbehave and violate rules on the island.

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Image via Cassie Gallegos/Unsplash

Any foreigners who break the law or cause public nuisance can be deported, according to Indonesia's immigration laws

From working illegally and breaking traffic laws by not wearing helmets when riding motorbikes, to pulling off publicity stunts that endanger marine life and public safety, these foreigners have been making headlines for the wrong reasons in recent weeks.

Al Jazeera reported that some tourists have taken up work on the island as hairdressers, babysitters, taxi drivers, or even sex workers, often without a legally-required work visa.

During the pandemic, some stripped naked at religious sites, 'begpacked', wore fake face masks, and even had sex in public

Earlier this month, the Indonesian government fined 171 foreign tourists within a week for violating traffic laws

Bali Police Chief Inspector General Putu Jayan Danu Putra said these tourists were caught for not wearing helmets, obeying traffic signs, and using fake licence plates, as reported by SINDOnews.

Due to all the misbehaviour, the government is even planning on banning tourists from renting motorbikes completely.

"We take such reckless behaviour very seriously, be it foreigner or local, and will not hesitate to deport people from our island who risk public health and safety of others," an official in Bali previously said, in regards to the tourist who painted a face mask on her face, according to VICE.

In a recent case last week, a Russian man faced deportation in Bali for stripping and mooning for a photo on the sacred Mount Agung, as reported by BBC.  

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