Woman Shows Why You Shouldn't Rely On Hotel Latch Locks By Breaking In Within 5 Seconds

All she used was a piece of tape and a rubber band. :O

Cover image via @nichellelaus (TikTok)

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When travelling, safety should be a top priority, especially if you're staying in an Airbnb or hotel room

In a TikTok video posted by @nichellelaus, a woman reminded the public to always carry extra locks when travelling, as your room can easily be broken into with just two items — a piece of tape and a rubber band.

She demonstrated this by sticking her hand through the door's opening and placing a piece of tape with a rubber band on the wall next to the lock

By simply hooking the rubber band to the latch lock, the lock snaps open and lets her enter the room in under five seconds.

In response to the video, many thanked her for spreading awareness, while some gave tips on what to do if your hotel has this type of latch

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Although many types of doors have key cards and other locks as well, it's a good reminder to avoid relying on just the latch when you lock the door

One person suggested that you can even bring an extra lock when travelling as a precaution.

Image via TikTok

Watch the full video below:


You can never be too safe! Bring extra locks with you when traveling. IB by a girl named Hailey on IG. Please tag her if you know. #SafetyTok #TravelTok #staysafe

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Here are some other gadgets to protect yourself if you're travelling or living alone:

Other people previously shared things to look out for when staying at a hotel or Airbnb:

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