Medical Treatments In Government Hospitals That Are Free Or As Low As RM1

There's a lot that you can do with RM1.

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We've all heard horror stories about shocking hospital bills when a friend or family sought treatments or was admitted to a private hospital.

However, did you know that the government offers treatment for as low as RM1?

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Government hospital and clinics have different rates based on the different facilities offered. Patients are generally classified into four groups: class 1 ward, class 2 ward, class 3 ward, and outpatient.

Class 1 ward is the most expensive while class 3 ward is the cheapest or even free of charge for some treatments. Outpatients refer to those who receive treatment without getting admitted to the hospital.

So, just how cheap are the treatments and services at government hospitals and clinics?

Forget cheap. You can actually get diagnosed and treated for FREE!

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You don't have to pay a single cent for these:

1. Get a free consultation on your first visit to a specialist (with referral from a government medical officer). Subsequent follow-up visits would cost RM5 each.

2. Get free in-patient treatment as long as you're admitted to a class 3 ward.

Besides that, these treatment charges are as low as RM1:

You could head over to a government clinic to seek outpatient treatment for only RM1. You will be provided with consultation, lab test, X-ray, medication and other services.

With only RM1, you could also get physiotherapy treatment and carry out rehabilitation exercises if you're admitted to a class 3 ward.

A single tooth extraction will only cost you RM1.

You could also get radiological examination (dental - intra-oral) for RM1 at a class 3 ward.

Aside from free and RM1 healthcare treatments as listed above, the following treatments offered in government hospitals and clinics are also way more affordable compared to private hospitals:

• RM2 - Scaling
• RM2 - Filling (for each tooth)
• RM3 - Crown (for each tooth, but not including the cost of metal)

•RM50-200 (depending on which ward)

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• RM10-RM300 - Normal birth
• RM50-RM400 - Breech or Forceps birth
• RM100-RM800 - Caesarean

• RM40 - Brief report prepared by Medical Officer
• RM80 - Brief report prepared by Specialist
• RM200-RM1000 - Comprehensive report prepared by Specialist

Additionally, certain people can also be entitled to a discount or have their bills waived when seeking treatment or being warded at any government hospitals

According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), those who are earning below RM300 a month, or is a holder of Social Welfare or National Islamic Council (MAIK) card, people with disabilities, students and government servants, could be considered for a special discount or a waive of charges.

However, they must provide the following supporting documents or its equivalent to qualify for discounts or exemption of charges:

• Social Welfare Card
• Government Pension Card
• Letter from School or an Endorsement Letter (Guarantee Letter – from a government body)

There is no denying that it is certainly more affordable to seek treatments from a government hospital or clinic

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Government hospitals and clinics have been transformed to become the pillar of the nation’s health care system which guarantees cheap and affordable health services.

The charges imposed by private entities could be highly expensive, which is why many Malaysians opt for government hospitals and clinics for their health care needs.

To know the full list of fees imposed by government hospitals and clinics, check out MOH's website here.

The Malaysian government prides itself in providing the best and most affordable health care in the world.

It's no wonder that our nation was ranked as one of the best in the world:

Also, if you hate the idea of spending your time waiting for a doctor at the clinic, here's a quick solution:

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