BookDoc Is A New App Created For Anyone Who's Tired Of Waiting At The Clinic

Gone are the days of waiting for your turn to seek consultation!

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Picture this really familiar scenario - walking up to the counter of a clinic, taking a number and start queuing up like many others.

On a good day, you might wait for 10 to 15 minutes while on a bad day, your painful wait could take up to an hour.

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Introducing BookDoc. The recently launched app provides users to seek medical attention at any time of the day by 'booking a doctor'.

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The newly launched medical app is said to provide a platform to link those in need of medical services with healthcare professionals in order to provide timely care and access while reducing waiting time.

Dato' Chevy Beh, the founder came up with the idea when his good friend Wayne had a close call with Dengue Fever

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Our founder, Dato’ Chevy Beh, first came up with the idea for BookDoc after his good friend Wayne’s near-death experience with Dengue Fever. When Wayne first began to feel ill, he underwent blood testing at his doctor’s office and was sent home with negative results. His condition suddenly took a turn for the worse. Wayne was told that he had to go to the hospital immediately.

Inspired by his close friend’s near-death experience and being a seasoned player in the healthcare industry, Beh pledged to do something to address the inefficiencies and information asymmetries in healthcare. He founded BookDoc with the goal of improving the timeliness of diagnosis and helping patients to find appropriate care.

For a start, the healthcare app is only available for corporate clients who wish to connect their employees with panel doctors and hospitals.

Your company might have already signed up for it, do check!

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The platform will only be limited to corporate clients for the time being as they as they just completed their seven-digit pre-seed evaluation (USD) a month ago, giving the company the title of having raised the highest pre-seed valuation in the Asian tech app history.

Aside from that, BookDoc will provide companies with analytic tools that can monitor employees long-term medical needs

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BookDoc will provide the companies with an analytic dashboard that will help them better understand their staff’s health seeking patterns, this in turn would give them a better idea of their staff’s long-term medical needs. The analytics can also be used for a productive outcome during negotiations for the staff’s medical insurance coverage.

BookDoc plans to roll out the app to more customers in the near future, with many cool and useful features like reminders of appointments

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BookDoc's website identifies how different groups of customers, including individuals, would be able to benefit from this app, which includes a feature to remind customers of their appointment with the doctor.

So, how does BookDoc generates revenue? By charging companies for their monthly subscriptions and holding onto clients.

Unlike other on-demand services like Doctor2U, BookDoc is able to generate a steady income by charging companies monthly for their employees while holding onto prospective clients for a significant period of time. This hopefully, will allow them to maintain a steady cash flow to fuel both growth and their tactical operations.

BookDoc is also looking to venture into new markets in Indonesia and Singapore, so make sure you keep an eye on them!

For more information, check out BookDoc here. If you want to have a quick preview of the app, download it on iTunes and Google Playstore.

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