Here's A List Of Free Items And Services For Those Affected By The Floods

From mattresses to free cleaning services!

Cover image via Harpreet Singh/Unsplash & Motorsports Malaysia (Facebook)

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Several businesses are offering free services and necessities for those who have been affected by the recent floods

If you or someone you know has been affected, we hope this list will be helpful.

1. Bengkel Azam Motor Banting for free vehicle cleaning

If your car was affected by the flood, Bengkel Azam Motor Banting is offering free exterior and interior cleaning services. But do fill up the appointment form as the workshop can only accommodate a maximum of four cars a day. 

If your car was completely stuck in a flood, here are some things you should take note of first.

2. Factory Eyewear for free spectacles

Factory Eyewear is offering free spectacles for flood victims during this time. You can walk in and collect a pair from any of the following outlets:

3. Amitech Solutions for free laptop or PC servicing

If your laptop or PC was affected by the floods, Amitech is offering free servicing. 

4. AKS Autoworks for free car interior cleaning

This car company in PJ is offering free interior cleaning services for vehicles that were affected by the floods. 

5. Goodnite Malaysia for free mattresses / pillows

Goodnite Malaysia is handing 500 free mattresses and 1,000 pillows to flood victims in Klang Valley. Just contact them on WhatsApp with the following details listed in the Facebook post below.

6. Milk Planet Malaysia for free breast pump or breast feeding items

If you or any mother you know have lost their breast pumps or need breastfeeding items due to the floods, you can drop Milk Planet Malaysia a message on Facebook and request for what you need. 

7. Zul Erwan Veterinary Clinic for free animal treatments / medication / food

Zul Erwan Veterinary Clinic is offering free emergency assistance to any animals that need medication, treatment, or food. They will be offering this until 27 December.

8. The Pink Stuff for free cleaning supplies and cleaning services

The Pink Stuff is handing out their cleaning supplies and offering cleaning services for free to anyone, especially the elderly or disabled, who have been affected by the floods. 

9. Dobi Express Setia for free laundry services

If you need to get your laundry done, Dobi Express Setia in Suria Jaya is offering free laundry services from 3pm to 9pm every day for flood victims.

10. MKA Technologies for free laptop or PC servicing

MKA Technologies is a laptop and PC specialist in Shah Alam that is offering free servicing for items affected by the floods. 

11. Free lorry services

If you need help moving items away from a flooded place, these lorry services are offering their services for free. One of it just requires you to pay for the petrol and toll (if any).

12. Mekar Angkut Sdn Bad for free towing services

Mekar Angkut is a tow truck service that is offering free transportation of vehicles that have been stuck in floodwaters.

13. More Design for free mattresses

Another local furniture company, More Design, is offering 300 free mattresses to flood victims. 

They are also accepting donations for those who want to help them supply more mattresses for those in need during this time.

Check out their Facebook post below for more details.

14. Studio 21:05 for free use of studio and facilities

If you're a home musician or recordist affected by the floods, Studio 21:05 is offering their studio and facilities to be rented for free, as a way to help people complete their work.

15. The John Lau Guitar Repair Center for free guitar repairs

The team from The John Lau Guitar Repair Center is offering to repair anyone's guitars that have been damaged by the floods for free.

Need other furniture or would like to donate items to flood victims? Here's a list to check out:

It's been heartwarming to see Malaysians put aside their differences to come together and help one another: