Free Grooming Kits And 15 Other Things To Ask For On Your Next Flight

Pro tip: Be polite, smile, and try to dress well when flying.

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1. Hot chocolate

As an alternative to coffee or tea, most airlines also offer hot chocolate. Etihad Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Southwest Airlines are just some of the airlines that offer hot chocolate in Economy. Qantas even has hot chocolate made with Cadbury chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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2. Free alcohol

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As airlines charge passengers for everything from leg room to checked luggage, it's pleasantly surprising to know that a number of airlines actually serve free alcoholic beverages onboard and not just to first class passengers. However, it usually happens in long-haul and international flights. Here's a list of airlines that serve free alcohol.

3. Extra snacks

While most airlines offer a complimentary packet of peanuts or pretzels, if you want more, the flight attendant will give you an extra packet if there is enough for everyone. According to Smarter Travel, you may have better luck on late-night flights when many passengers pass on the snacks.

A smarter way to get the free stuff without annoying the cabin crew is to walk to the galley to ask for it after meal services are done.

4. Basic first aid supplies

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All commercial airplanes have a first aid kit onboard. If you ask, the flight attendant will be happy to provide painkillers, antacids and bandages for minor wounds.

5. Reading material

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There are newspapers and magazines on the flight and they are free. You can simply grab the ones in the seat pocket or the ones on the shelves, no one will stop you.

6. The full can of soda

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You can ask the flight attendant for the entire can of soda rather than just a few drops over a mountain of ice. The flight attendant may oblige, or at least give you a refill.

It helps to be polite while asking for it.

7. Water bottle refills

You can have your water bottle refilled onboard so you can keep hydrated. However, it depends on how much water the aircraft has in supply. Long-haul flights usually have more water available for passengers.

8. Sanitising wipes

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The stream of passengers passing through planes each day turns tray tables, armrests, and entertainment-system buttons into germ factories. If you'd like to clean your area before settling in, ask a flight attendant for a few sanitizing wipes; they often have them on hand, though it's not something most passengers know they can ask for.

9. Baby diapers/baby kit

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The more child-friendly airlines also offer free services for passengers travelling with babies. They will warm up your baby's bottle or food, and some will even provide free diapers, sanitary pads, baby wipes. Some of them also have box of milk.

10. Souvenirs for kids

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Many still offer little flyers wing pins to commemorate their flight. The pilots usually don't have them though; it's the flight attendants who have them stashed somewhere in the cabin.

11. Tea bags

You can ask for tea-bags and cabin crew would happily oblige. Afterall, it's free.

12. Basic stationery items

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Like writing notepads to airline writing pens, most flights are equipped with basic stationery items that passenger can request for from flight attendants.

And if you're traveling business class, there's more...

13. Grooming kits

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On longer flights, some airlines tend to stock items like earplugs, pens, combs, and playing cards that they’re happy to give away. Emirates even has free grooming kits that include shaving items, toothbrushes, socks, and playing cards.

14. Bedroom slippers and socks

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Passengers in the Business Class can always request for slippers and socks to get comfortable. Again, it helps to be polite while asking.

15. Moreover, don't be afraid to ask for an upgrade

Airlines often offer upgrades to business or first class the day of your scheduled flight. There may not be any upgrades available, but it’s worth a shot to ask the ground crew before you board. For a better chance, follow these steps:

Be very polite to all of the staff you are dealing with at the airline.

Dress like you are a first-class passenger. You don’t have to go overboard by wearing a suit and tie, but do not wear tattered jeans, dirty shoes, a tee-shirt with obscene graphic on the front, or any other obviously “non-first-class” clothing.

Try to avoid flying during regular business hours (your typical 9am-5pm) as the first-class cabin is likely to be full on these flights.

16. Also, you can request for pillows and blankets during your flight. However, you're not supposed to bring them out of the cabin.

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