7 Interesting Activities To Do With Your BB If You're Bored Of The Same Old Dates

From weekend getaways to adrenaline rush activities, we gotchu covered.

Cover image via Nicole (Provided to SAYS) & @farminthecitymalaysia (Instagram)

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Editor's note: Some of these photos were taken before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Learn how to create a functional piece of furniture by attending a woodworking workshop together

A woodworking workshop lets the both of you not only learn how to work together, but also build something of your own to keep and remember. Cute, right?

Fret not if you're worried that you may lack the skills to build big pieces of furniture, as there are beginner classes that offer hands-on guidance. You'll learn the basics of woodworking, as well as gain knowledge on different types of wood quality and ways to differentiate them. Simple furniture pieces you'll learn how to build include a trolley, trunk, coffee table, and more. 

Places you can check out:
- ADIAIDA, Ara Damansara, Selangor
- My Weekend Plan, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

2. If the both of y'all are thrillseekers, you can take part in a flying fox activity together

Image via Sunway Lagoon

What better way to enjoy the thrill of ziplining from tree to tree than with your partner, amirite? Most zipline courses usually last around 1.5 to 2 hours, which gives you plenty of time to spend together as you soar through the jungle, as well as climbing ladders and crossing bridges together. 

As you'll mostly be alone with your partner throughout the whole course (yay! hehe), you'll need to first learn the basics, from connecting the cables properly, to knowing how to get to the finish line in the event you get stuck halfway. 

Places you can check out: 
- SkyTrex Shah Alam, Selangor 
- Bukit Tinggi Flying Fox Adventure, Pahang 
- Sunway Lagoon, Selangor
- Escape Park, Penang

3. Sick of having the same ol' dinner dates with your bb? Time to level up by dining together in the dark!

Image via Klook

Dining in the dark simply means that you and your date get blindfolded, letting your sense of sight take a backseat, so you get to explore other senses when you eat. 

In other words, dining in the dark is a fun night of trying to spoon food into your mouth, making sure your drink doesn't spill, and guessing what kinda dishes you're eating with your loved one! Both of you will definitely be laughing a lot throughout the night. <3

Places you can check out: 
- Dining In The Dark KL, Kuala Lumpur

4. Build beautiful matching terrariums together

Or, if you're looking to impress your partner, you can unleash your creativity by adding your touch of personality to the terrarium's design.

Ultimately, a terrarium workshop makes a great bonding sesh for both of you, as you'll get to not only create wonderful memories together, but also bring home a personalised terrarium that you can cherish.

In most workshops, you'll learn how to design a terrarium that's easy to take care of, from using the right soil, to knowing how to strategically place your decorations, and making sure there is ample space for your plants to grow. 

Places you can check out: 
- Mossarium Terrarium Malaysia, Selangor
- Little Eden Succulents Studio, Selangor
- Terrariums Malaysia, Selangor 

5. Looking for a short getaway? Take a few days off to go glamping with your partner.

Image via Boulder Valley
Image via Boulder Valley

If the idea of falling asleep under the stars with your loved one appeals to you, but you don't want to sleep on the hard ground in a small tent, you should consider going glamping at Boulder Valley in Penang. 

Romantic, spacious, cosy, and with scenic views, it'll be a great weekend activity you can do with your partner. Besides that, Boulder Valley also offers activities you can do together, such as enjoying a picnic, having a BBQ sesh, and taking a dip in their swimming pool. 

6. Spend the whole day with your partner by exploring Farm In The City

Located in Seri Kembangan, Farm In The City is a park designed to resemble a typical kampung setting. Boasting elements of nature and wildlife that you won't be able to spot elsewhere in Malaysia, both of you will get to spend the day interacting with and feeding more than 100 exotic animals, as well as visiting a vegetable farm and an orchard. 

There's also an attraction where you can catch fish in the longkang. Ahhh, remember when we used to catch fishes in the longkang as kids? The good ol' days. 

7. Plan a taste test night with your bae

Image via Halal Weekly

If you're sick of eating the same thing for dinner, or running out of ideas on what to makan, plan a night to try out new food items that you have absolutely no idea if you or your partner will like.

Whether it's visiting a restaurant that serves a different cuisine, taste testing a new menu, or buying food from an international food store, evaluating new food items with your partner can be fun, exciting, and interesting. Who knows, maybe the restaurant you visit could end up becoming your new favourite spot.

To amp up the fun, you could even film each other's reactions during the taste test!

So, do any of the activities appeal to you? ;)

No matter where you go or what you do, at the end of the day, it's all about spending time with the person you love. With your sayang by your side, even something as simple as going on a classic date at McDonald's can turn into something special and memorable. <3

Psst! If your partner loves McD, you should definitely bring them to try the all-new Spicy Sesame McChicken burger, wahhh! 

What's cool about McDonald's new Spicy Sesame McChicken burger is that it's essentially the classic McChicken you know and love, but with an extra kick, yummmss!

In other words, unlike the mayo you get in the classic McChicken, the Spicy Sesame McChicken comes with a spicy sesame sauce that will leave you wanting more. :9

Tender, juicy, crispy, and spicy, it's the burger you confirm wanna try together with your partner! Ahh, the classic love. 

But, if you still can't get enough of the classic McChicken, why not get both the classic and Spicy Sesame McChicken to share with your bae? ;) 

So, whatchu waiting for? Head over to your nearest Mekdi outlet to taste test the new Spicy Sesame McChicken burger today!

Alternatively, you can also try the new burger by getting it via McDelivery or Drive-Thru! 

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