Are CNY Traditions Still Relevant In 2024? Malaysian Gen Zs Share Their Thoughts

Old traditions, new twists!

Cover image via Kevin Malik/Pexels & John Paul Garanzo/Pexels

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Chinese New Year is more than just about ang pows and lion dances

It's also a time when many of us follow traditions that have been passed down for generations. But, how relevant are these practices today? And, do young people still think CNY traditions are relevant?

We spoke to Malaysian Gen Zs, and here's what they said:

1. "Yee sang to me is a vibe. I love tossing it with my family and friends, and capturing the moment on my phone."

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Image via Ika Rahma/Vecteezy

"Tossing yee sang has always been the highlight of my CNY celebrations, and I always share it on my social media. It's a way of expressing my joy and gratitude for the new year."

- Miko, 20 years old

2. "I think wearing red is a bit silly, but I still do it because my mum buys new clothes for me every year"

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Image via Angela Roma/Pexels

"She says it brings good luck and wards off evil spirits.

"I don't necessarily believe in that, but I guess there's nothing wrong with being extra precautious, right?"

- Kevin, 22 years old

3. "Some people dread going to the temple, but I love visiting it during the festive seasons. It gives me a sense of renewal and hope."

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Image via Angga Ferdinand/Pexels

"We usually go to visit the temple on the third day of CNY, and my siblings absolutely hate it.

"But for me, lighting incense and taking a moment to pray helps me refocus and look forward to good things in the coming year."

- Li Er, 21 years old

4. "I don't really get the point of giving out ang pow packets that we end up throwing away anyway"

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Image via Angela Roma/Pexels

"My parents always insist that I give ang pow to my younger cousins and relatives, even though I don't have a stable income yet. They say it's a sign of respect and generosity.

"And, as much as it's a pain to my wallet, I guess it's my turn to start giving back. But one thing I don't get is, 'Why use those red envelops?'

"I mean, we can just use e-wallets or online transfers, right?"

- Lee, 25 years old

5. "I think it's fun to learn about zodiac animals and their fortunes for the year, but I don't take them too seriously"

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Image via Christopher Gerry/Unsplash

"Every CNY, my grandma tells me about zodiac animals and how they affect our personalities and fortunes. She also gives me advice based on the year and my animal sign.

"But, I think it's just a form of entertainment and superstition. I don't believe that my destiny is determined by the year I was born in. I make my own choices and create my own opportunities."

- Jia, 25 years old

6. "Lion and dragon dances are lit, but I can't stand the noise and the crowd"

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Image via Tong su/Unsplash

"It's a total mess with all the crackers and drums. 

"I'd rather chill at home and watch it on my social media."

- Jason, 24 years old 

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