If You Always Get Sore Throats At The Worst Time Possible, You Should Try This Lozenge

No more of that dry, itchy throat.

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Ever had a sore throat at the WORST. Possible. Time???

Maybe you had this huge presentation planned but now your voice sounds raspy...

You worry your colleagues and boss will struggle to understand you. Worst of all, the presentation is in a few hours... How lah liddat? 

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Or perhaps you've got a date planned but alas, your throat starts feeling dry and tickly

You have to clear your throat every few minutes because it's so itchy and tickly. And the last thing you need is to cough right in your date's face. Oops.

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Don't let a sore throat spoil your plans and stop you from being at your best.

DifflamAB Sore Throat Lozenges give you immediate relief so you can say goodbye to that dry, tickly throat.

What it does is it lubricates your throat to keep it moist and less painful. You'll also get less of the scratchy and itchy sensation down your throat. 

And with three different flavours – blackcurrant, lemon, and orange, you'll not only feel better but enjoy great tasting flavours too. 

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The lozenge is also packed with antiseptic ingredients, which help to kill bacteria, preventing any possible infection

It contains two ingredients – 2,4 Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol and Amylmetacresol, which also act as anti-inflammatory agents for the throat so you won't have to worry about your throat swelling up. 

Just pop one lozenge every two to three hours for immediate relief! The lozenges are not only suitable for adults but for children aged six years and over as well. 

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In addition to consuming DifflamAB lozenges, you can also try a number of tricks to further soothe that dry, tickly throat and recover faster

Here are some tips:
- Drink lots of water
- Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking temporarily
- Avoid spicy, fried, and acidic foods
- Gargle with antiseptics

However, you should see a doctor if the sore throat persists after a couple of days, you have trouble breathing or swallowing, or you have a stiff or swollen neck.

Kickstart your plans worry-free with DifflamAB Sore Throat Lozenges. Get them at any of the leading pharmacies near you!

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