Take A Virtual Tour Of This Pretty House Decked Out For Deepavali & Learn The Story Within

The best part is that there are actually cool little features you can interact with throughout the house.

Cover image via TNB

This Spotlight is sponsored by Tenaga Nasional Berhad.

Deepavali is coming soon! While the celebrations are probably going to be very different this year, we can still find ways to make this festive season a special one <3

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) wants to spread some joy and positivity for Deepavali, which is why they've come up with a light-hearted festive film, Double Trouble Deepavali.

It tells the story of a pair of twin sisters with completely different tastes and personalities

One is more traditional and proper, while the other is more modern and playful. So, what happens when they're tasked to decorate their grandfather's house for Deepavali together?

Watch it below to see all their mischief unfold:

Ultimately, the girls realise that the very things that make them so different can actually bring the family more joy and beauty when they work together, awwww! <3

And, guess what? You'll even be able to explore the house featured in Double Trouble Deepavali via augmented reality (AR)! How cool is that?!

Look out for the special QR code in newspapers or on TNB's Facebook page, or just click here.

Once you scan the QR code or click on the direct link, you'll be taken into an AR version* of the house in Double Trouble Deepavali, ooooooo!

*Can only be viewed via mobile.

Step into the gorgeous virtual pop-up and explore the elaborate scenes to immerse yourself in all the Deepavali nuances

Image via TNB

The best part is that there are actually cool little features you can interact with throughout the house, and each one will tell you something interesting about Deepavali. Just tap on them to take a deep dive into the world of Deepavali via fun, bite-sized videos.

There are five features to look out for, so make sure to interact with all of them:

1. Saree: Learn about the love that goes into the art of saree-making

Image via TNB

2. Jasmine flower: Discover the symbolism of jasmine flowers

Image via TNB

3. Oil lamps: Find out why we light oil lamps during Deepavali

Image via TNB

4. Kolam: Unlock the hidden meaning of kolam

Image via TNB

5. Indian sweets: Understand the tradition of giving each other sweets

Image via TNB

Both the festive film and interactive AR experience is TNB's way of bringing some fun to our Deepavali celebrations this year, while also reminding us of what's important

“In times of uncertainty and challenges, we believe it is important for Malaysians to return to the heart of celebrations; that is, the family bonds we share,” said Head Corporate Communication TNB, Y. Bhg. Datuk Haji Baderul Sham bin Saad.

“This family bond runs deeper than all of our differences. It is powerful enough to bring out the spark of good within each other, however things may change. This makes Double Trouble Deepavali an apt story for us to tell.”

The story of Double Trouble Deepavali also hints at TNB’s own journey of ‘Reimagining TNB’

The company is taking strides towards the future by finding innovative and sustainable energy solutions, while staying rooted in its rich history of energizing the nation for the past 70 years.

This culture clash between tradition and modernity is often seen as an intergenerational tension.

Yet, when seen from the perspective of a pair of identical twins with opposing personalities, we see how differences can bring us together in a fun and creative way, reminding us that we should always celebrate each other's uniqueness.

TNB wishes everyone a very Happy Deepavali! May you all have a wonderful time celebrating with your families.

Image via TNB

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