4 Practical Features That You Will Actually Use On The All-New App, MAE by Maybank2u

It automatically tracks your expenses, and turns it into a pretty pie chart.

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MAE by Maybank2u is an all-new mobile banking app that helps you save, keep track of your spending, and get all your banking stuff done

More than just another e-wallet app, MAE gives you a full digital banking experience, with all the core Maybank2u features. This means you can use Maybank QR Pay, make online bank transfers, pay your bills, and more.

In fact, the MAE app is an upgrade from the existing Maybank2u app. They have cut out all the unnecessary clutter and come up with an app that's seamless, easy to use, and visually aesthetically pleasing. If you've been using the Maybank2u app, it's time to replace it with MAE, so you can do all your banking on a cleaner, more efficient app!

What's cool is that if you're already on Maybank2u, you can use the same login and all your information will be automatically synced on the MAE app

For non-Maybank users, you can also register for a MAE account easily, without even having an account with Maybank. It's that easy!

Check out some of the cool features of the all-new MAE app:

1. MAE automatically tracks all your expenses, and turns your spending into a pretty pie chart

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If you've ever tried using an expenses tracker, you'll understand how mafan it is to manually key in each time you spend. The worst thing is when you find out at the end of the month that you've overspent and the amount doesn't balance out. T.T 

With MAE, it helps keep track of all your spending automatically, including all your Maybank accounts and credit cards.

This means whether you pay for your bills, Scan & Pay (previously known as QRPay) at the mamak, or transfer money to your family, MAE will show you exactly where your money is going. You can even filter out which accounts and cards you want to see, giving you a better view of your monthly expenses. It's easy, accurate, and hassle-free!

2. If you need to split the bill or send money to your friends, you can do it all in the MAE app

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Got an IOU situation? MAE has got you covered.

You can send a request to split the bill with your friends all through the MAE app, and it will help you calculate how much everyone has to pay. It's super convenient! And if you want to transfer money for your rent, pay your bills, or send money home, you can use the instant transfer or DuitNow feature in the app.

3. You can save money using the Tabung feature, and even start a group saving fund with your friends or family

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For those of you who want to start saving, but you're not sure where to start, the Tabung feature helps you to be disciplined and work towards a goal. Whether you're saving up for a family trip, a pair of sneakers you really like, or just for a rainy day, you can now start with MAE.

All you have to do is pick a category, key in the amount you want to save, set the date you want to achieve your goal, and MAE's Tabung feature will help you come up with a savings plan. What's really unique is that you can even start a group saving fund, and invite friends or family to contribute to it.

4. You can apply for the MAE Card digitally, without even having to visit your local Maybank branch

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Along with the all-new MAE app, you can also get the MAE Visa Debit Card. The best part is that you get to skip the queue and do it all online - just apply for the MAE card on the MAE app and have it delivered to your doorstep. Then, activate it at home, no paperwork required.

The MAE Visa Debit Card can be used at stores around the world, as well as for online purchases. You'll also get to save on exchange rates when you shop online or travel abroad. If you ever lose or misplace your card, you can simply launch the MAE app to freeze or unfreeze your card - so convenient! Here's how you apply for the MAE Card:

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What's more, sign up for the all-new MAE card via the MAE app and stand a chance to win RM88 cashback. For those who signed up during this period, you’ll even get RM8 cashback when you spend a minimum of RM30 in a single receipt. So make sure you download it and start using it! Promotion is valid for users who sign up from 5 November to 20 December 2020.

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What are you waiting for? Download the app today from Google Play Store and Apple AppStore.

Want to find out more about the all-new MAE app? Head over to their website now to get more information!

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