7 Online Games Like 'Among Us' That Will Leave You With Trust Issues

Town of Salem, Secret Hitler, and more!

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Although released in 2018, the pandemic has led to the sudden crazy popularity of a game called Among Us

Among Us has emerged the perfect game to play during a pandemic. Because of all the deception it requires players to do, it is actually best played not face-to-face.

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The game is like a murder mystery that separates players into innocent crewmates of a spaceship against parasitic aliens disguised as humans - you don't know who the aliens are until they start sabotaging the ship or killing your other crewmates - and you have to hold votes to kick out the most suspicious players.

If you can't get enough of Among Us, here are eight other online deduction games to play with your friends:

1. Town of Salem

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Town of Salem is the online version of OG social deduction party game Mafia.

With the most basic settings, players are divided into Townspeople, Mafia, and Neutrals. The town members have to figure out and catch the villains during the daytime before the mafia secretly murders everyone at night.

For more seasoned players, this game also features up to 49 unique roles and many other different conditions to win.

If you'd like to play with friends, you can host a private game for up to 15 players.

Get it on Steam for RM12.

2. Secret Hitler

As with the other social deduction games, in Secret Hitlerplayers will be randomly assigned into one of two teams - the Liberals (blue) and the Fascists (red) - and you have to slowly figure out who to trust.

If you are a Liberal, fight as the majority to put up as many Liberal policies as possible to secure the government before Hitler and his Facists sneakily do.

Each private game can take five to 10 players.

Find it for free here.

3. Deceit

Unlike the other games on this list which are mostly simple and family-friendly, Deceit is a fast-paced, first person shooter (FPS) game not for the faint-hearted.

The premise: six people wake up in an unknown place but two of your friends have been infected by a virus, turning them into human-eating zombies that reveal themselves only during blackouts. You can't differentiate them otherwise.

To win, the innocent have to escape while the infected have to kill them.

Each game takes up to six players.

Find it for free on Steam.

4. Werewolf Online

Werewolf Online allows you to play the famous party game online without physically meeting your friends.

Not simply dividing players into two teams, individuals can also win depending on their roles. The app features roles in addition to the familiar Villagers, Werewolves, and Doctor. Be prepared for other wild cards such as Bombers, Hunters, Seers, and Witches.

Best yet, you don't need a friend to sit out as the narrator.

Play this game with up to 15 friends on a private server.

Find it on the App Store or Google Play.

5. Spyfall

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Spyfall is yet another game of deception - every player, except one who will be the spy, is given a common location and possible occupations a person could have at the said location.

Players will have to take turns asking each other vague questions to determine who is actually in on the secret, before the spy figures out where and who you all are.

This game is best played between four to 10 people.

Find it on the App Store or Google Play.

6. Undercover

Image via Undercover/SAYS

Undercover is a personal favourite as the game is so easy to learn and set up.

Majority of the players will be assigned the same exact word among the Civilians, while the Undercovers will be assigned a word similar to the one the citizens have. But neither teams knows what the other has. Examples are 'onion' and 'garlic', or 'shower' and 'bath'.

Everyone will then take turns giving clues as to what their word is without blatantly giving it away as the Undercovers win by guessing what the real word is.

This game can be played between three to 20 people with just one phone.

Find it on the App Store or Google Play.

7. Out of the Loop

Similar to Undercover, each player, except for the one Out of the Loop, will see the same secret word.

However, in this game, players will take turns asking questions about the word, and you can't be too specific or too suspicious about your answers or everyone might vote to kick you out!

On the flip side, if you are out of the loop and you figure out the secret word, you win.

The game can be played between three to nine players.

Find it on the App Store or Google Play.

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