9 Malaysian Board Games That Will Guarantee Hours Of Laughter With Your Friends

So many inside jokes, cannot tahan!

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Here are nine Malaysian card and board games that you should bring to your next hangout session with friends:

1. The Malaysian Dream

Ever popular since its release by MGAG in 2019, The Malaysian Dream guarantees hours of fun and laughter as you race friends and family to achieve as many Dreams as money can buy.

From paying off your PTPTN loan to finally achieving a gold medal in the Olympics, the cards are truly a tribute to Malaysia as we know it.

The game can be played between two to six players.

The Malaysian Dream retails at RM39. Find out more on:
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2. The Lepak Game

Developed by Stephen Hanlon and Trixie Khor from Rojak Culture, The Lepak Game is played like the world-renowned Cards Against Humanity but with popular Malaysian phrases and slangs!

In each round, a 'Boss' reads a question from the blue cards while the other players choose the most ridiculous answer they can find from their hand of yellow cards - so prepare yourself for hilarious combinations that you can only expect from our motherland.

The game is best played between four to eight people.

The Lepak Game retails at RM119. Find out more on:
Rojak Culture | Facebook | Instagram

3. Kuih Muih

Kuih Muih was made by local designer Mike Ooi to be played like Sushi Go! But instead of sushi, this adorable game tests your talent at grabbing the best-tasting kuih on the table.

It looks deceivingly simple but involves a lot of strategy - you win by scoring the highest points in three rounds - because every kuih comes with different points and rules.

And some rules ring true to real life: some kuih are just better to eat in multiples!

This game can be played between two to six people.

Kuih Muih retails at RM30. Find out more on:
Facebook | Shopee | Lazada

4. Politiko

This game is super fun and educational if you do not know a single thing about elections! Politiko was a huge hit when it was released in 2013 by visual artist Mun Kao who wanted to make politics and voting in Malaysia more relatable to everyone.

Inspired by actual happenings, you take on the role of a political party and win voters over by giving away cash handouts, controlling the media, hiring phantom voters, and better yet, slandering your enemies.

Sounds familiar? Fight to become the government with up to six players in this game.

Note: Politiko is currently out of stock due to the pandemic but keep an eye out as they plan to make a comeback in 2021!

Politiko retailed at RM45. Find out more on:
Facebook | Naiise

5. Drama Pukul 7

Drama Pukul 7 is - as its name suggests - a board game based on typical Malay dramas that are full of backstabbing and excessively dramatic plot twists.

After two years of production, Zamri Mustapha and Haireey Hashnan from Meja Belakang Art want players to immerse themselves into this soap opera of a card game and compete to become the one and only star of the show.

To get ahead, players take turns to either further the plot of their own story or, for more drama, strive to jatuhkan air muka one of their co-stars.

This game can be played between two to six players.

Drama Pukul 7 retails at RM85. Find out more on:
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6. The Cikgu Life

Image via Naiise Malaysia

The brainchild of four teachers - James Choong, Sophia Ngiaw, Liew Kah Hoong, and Raee Yeoh - who met in Sarawak during a Teach For Malaysia programme, The Cikgu Life introduces players to what a cikgu actually experiences in a typical Malaysian classroom.

And if you remember your school days, it definitely isn't easy.

The best cikgus have to handle students monkeying around in class, mark never-ending schoolwork, organise koku after school hours, and also find the time to produce straight A students.

The game can be played by three to five people at a time.

The Cikgu Life retails at RM99. Find out more on:
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7. Kaki Lima

Explore Penang's famous five-foot ways (kaki lima) on this board game designed by media artist Goh Choon Ean and illustrated beautifully by Charis Loke.

Kaki Lima was made to capture the essence of Penangite life and promises a fun walk around the charming and historic city of Georgetown.

From eating roti bakar at a kopitiam to visiting the famous Hin Bus Depot, this game is full of reminiscence as players navigate the quaint walkways to complete their task list and side quests.

This game is best played between three to eight players.

Kaki Lima retails at RM138. Find out more on:
Facebook | Instagram | Shopee

8. Pasaraya: Supermarket Manager

Created by Felix Leong of Boxfox Games, Pasaraya: Supermarket Manager allows players to assume the role of entrepreneurs in a little town.

Beat your friends in this adorable game by juggling your limited money between purchasing inventory, stocking up your supermarket with food and clothes, and hiring staff with different resumes and strengths. 

You will only earn by successfully fulfilling customer demands. With so much strategy involved, you probably will learn how to become a better businessman by playing this game!

This game is best played between two to four players.

Pasaraya: Supermarket Manager retails at RM129. Find out more on:
Facebook | Shopee

9. Kleptopoly

Created by advocacy group Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4 Center) based on Monopoly, Kleptopoly was released in 2017 after the 1MDB scandal was exposed to the world.

If you kept up with the news, you would recognise that the properties on the board are named after real-life assets seized by the US Department of Justice, and you can play one of many inspired characters including a puffy-haired lady with expensive handbags.

The game can be played between two to four players.

Note: Unfortunately, C4 Center have since halted production of the game. However, they said interested buyers can still find it on other third-party shopping platforms.

Kleptopoly retailed at RM45. Find out more on:
C4 Center | Shopee

Bonus: RIMBA

This may not bring you as much nostalgia as it's more for the younger ones. RIMBA is an educational card game starring 30 animals from Malaysia.

Developed by Ecocentric Transitions with the help of the Malaysian Nature Society, this game aspires to teach people to recognise and cultivate a love for our local wildlife.

There are four types of gameplay, but if you're a teacher, there are countless ways you could use these cards to teach in a classroom, such as getting students to classify the animals or learn to arrange them in proper food chains.

RIMBA retails at RM110. Find out more on:
Facebook | Malaysian Nature Society

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