15 Relaxing Mobile Games That Will Help You Get Through The Hustle And Bustle Of Life

The world is not chill, but you can be.

Cover image via Tsuki Adventure & Rakko Ukabe

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1. Adorable Home

Image via Adorable Home
Image via Adorable Home

Adorable Home might seem an odd choice as we're all locked indoors, but this idyllic game is about every millennial's dream: owning their own house. Let the game's chill background music soothe you while you make bentos, decorate your home, and adopt cats and dogs.

iOS (Free) | Google Play Store (Free)

2. Tsuki Adventure

Image via Tsuki Adventure

I personally love this game! You play as a sort of 'guardian angel' for Tsuki, an adorable tiny rabbit who moves back to his hometown after the death of his grandfather. Tsuki Adventure is a casual game where you can just check in whenever, and you'll find your carrots have grown, Tsuki has unlocked a new location, or a new diary entry awaits.

iOS (Free) | Google Play Store (Free)

You can continue more shenanigans with Tsuki in Tsuki's Odyssey as well! Find it on iOS (Free) or on the Google Play Store (Free).

3. Hungry Hearts Diner

Image via Yumemi's Blog

Hungry Hearts Diner focuses on a grandmother who runs a small, quiet Japanese diner. In addition to typical cafe management mechanics like cooking food and serving it to customers, there's also a storyline and characters' history that will slowly unfold.

iOS (Free) | Google Play Store (Free)

4. Stardew Valley

Image via PC Gamer
Image via Den Of Geek

Stardew Valley is the chillest, purest game anyone could've wished for. It has all the same elements of the cult favourite Harvest Moon, but in adorable pixel graphics set to a calming soundtrack (I even listen to the soundtrack while I work - it's that peaceful).

iOS (RM19.90) | Google Play Store (RM20.99)

5. Furistas Cat Cafe

Behold, my comments about playing 'Furistas Cat Cafe'.

Image via Alyssa J. Oon/SAYS

Play as the owner of a cosy cat cafe in Furistas Cat Cafe. Adopt adorable cats of different personality types, match them to customers of the same personality, and carry on about your usual cafe duties.

iOS (Free) | Google Play Store (Free)

6. Rakko Ukabe

Image via Rakko Ukabe

Rakko Ukabe is a calming, aesthetically pleasing game where you put out food by the seaside to draw over 100 types of different otters in. Each one has their own personality type and you can interact with them before they leave and go back to their home.

iOS (Free) | Google Play Store (Free)

7. Cats Are Cute

Build a town of entirely cats you've adopted and befriended in Cats Are Cute. Pet and feed them, discover their skills and their characteristics, and even build buildings for the cats to live in.

iOS (Free) | Google Play Store (Free)

8. Perfect Slices

Image via Perfect Slices

No rage rooms, no problem. Just download Perfect Slices and chop sh*t up to get all that anger and frustration out. It can be deeply satisfying.

iOS (Free) | Google Play Store (Free)

9. Tofu Girl

Image via Tofu Girl

Tofu Girl is a simple arcade game where you just tap to make the little girl jump over blocks of tofu and other obstacles. Land perfect jumps and you'll earn more coins, which allows you to buy even cuter outfits for her.

iOS (Free) | Google Play Store (Free)

10. Hidden Folks

Image via Hidden Folks
Image via Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is a quirky, minimalistic hidden object game. All of its interactive levels are hand-drawn by creator Adriaan de Jongh. You'll be able to unfurl tent flaps, cut through bushes, slam doors, and poke some crocodiles to find the hidden folks.

iOS (RM19.90) | Google Play Store (RM19.99)

11. Desertopia


A multiple award-winning game, Desertopia is a relaxing and therapeutic idle simulator where you cultivate a desert island into a vibrant and lively place at your own pace. Watch wildlife roam and make decisions that will keep your land a safe and healthy place.

iOS (Free) | Google Play Store (Free)

12. My Oasis

Image via My Oasis
Image via My Oasis

Players have said that the idle clicker game, My Oasis, has helped them be less anxious and even helped them fall asleep at night due to its calming music. The game's virtual island acts as a zen garden where you expand and create new life such as trees, flowers, and animals.

iOS (Free) | Google Play Store (Free)

13. Color Puzzle Game

If puzzles and aesthetics are things that please you, Color Puzzle Game is one you'll want to check out! You'll spend hours arranging coloured squares until they form a perfect wallpaper that can be downloaded for use.

Available for free on Google Play Store. For something similar on iOS, check out Chromatic: Color Puzzles.

14. ‎Miya's Everyday Joy of Cooking

Image via Gamers Unite!

Join 20-year-old Miya as she uses cooking as a means of self-care while living in the hectic city life of Seoul. You'll get to decorate Miya's room for her cat, Nacho, and play simple puzzles to make simple recipes. Miya's Everyday Joy of Cooking is inspired by the Korean manga and webtoon 밥먹고 갈래요? (Are You Going to Eat That?) by Omyo.

iOS (Free) | Google Play Store (Free)

15. Alto's Adventure

Alto's Adventure is an easy-to-learn physics-based game that will have you rescuing runaway llamas, leaping over terrifying chasms, and outwitting the mountain elders – all while braving the ever changing elements and passage of time upon the mountain. You can even challenge friends!

iOS (RM19.90) | Google Play Store (Free)

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