11 Games We Used To Play When We Were Kids & Where You Can Play Them Now

Remember the times we used the same keyboard to play a game with our siblings and friends? <3

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1. RollerCoaster Tycoon

Image via LaunchPad Lab

Could not go to the amusement park as a kid? We turned on our Windows XP computers to play RollerCoaster Tycoon.

The game allows players to build their roller coaster rides in whatever shapes or forms and create footpaths leading to the rides. The objective of the game is to constantly make money from an infinite flow of thrill seekers in order to build more rides in your amusement park.

The funniest antic of the game is definitely seeing your customers puke after getting off a ride.

The construction and management simulation video game was first released on PC in March 1999. Three years later, MicroProse developer Chris Sawyer released the second series of the game before Frontier Developments took over and released the third game in 2004.

After a legal dispute, the rights of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 are believed to be held by Frontier Developments, while the rights to the game franchise are owned by Atari.

Last year, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 received a major update. Frontier Developments has since moved on to create their own roller coaster sim games, Planet Coaster and Screamride, while Atari has 10 versions of the game listed on its website — some of which are mobile and Nintendo Switch games.

You can download the games on Steam here or you can visit Frontier Developments' and Atari's websites for other versions of the game.

2. Metal Slug

Metal Slug is a good ol' run-and-gun game. The game franchise was originally created by Japanese developer Nazca Corporation before being taken over by SNK — also a Japanese video game company.

The original version of the game allows up to two players to play from the same keyboard using 'WASD' and arrow keys. The objective of the two-dimensional game is to defeat all enemies on the map to move on to the next level.

The best part of the game is definitely when you get to board an armoured combat vehicle, be it a tank or a jet.

The game has come a long way since it was developed in 1996. Now, there are over 10 versions of the game. Some can be played online, while others are mobile games — a few of which are free to play.

You can download the games on Steam here or visit its official website for more information.

3. Diner Dash

Image via GameHouse

Diner Dash is the game where our dreams of becoming a restauranteur were born.

The objective of the game is to guide Flo — a waitress-cum-restaurant owner — to make enough money from customers to move on to the next level. The challenge is to ensure every customer is served and has an amazing dining experience.

Our favourite part of the game is serving free coffee to customers so that they will not leave when service is slow.

The strategy and time management video game was developed by New York City-based developer GameLab and published by PlayFirst in 2003

In 2008, mobile game developer Glu Mobile made the game free to play on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Today, there are over 15 versions of the game, according to Fandom.

You can download the older versions of the game here or download the latest version of the free-to-play game on mobile here.

4. The Sims

Image via Elephant Art

The Sims franchise started out as a city-building simulation game called SimCity, before being made into the version we know and love on PC in 2000.

The Sims is a sandbox game that allows players to create virtual people called 'Sims' and orchestrate their daily activities.

The franchise was invented by game designer Will Wright and his studio Maxis, which was later acquired by EA in 1997.

The latest version of the game — The Sims 4 — is due to have more downloadable content (DLC) on 22 July, something EA has been really good at to keep fans occupied since the game's release seven years ago.

However, it is rumoured that The Sims 5 will be announced in the upcoming EA Play Live event.

You can download the games on Steam here or visit its official website here to download other versions of the game.

5. Da Fu Weng (Richman)

Image via 3DM Game

Da Fu Weng (大富翁) — or Richman in English — is a digital board game franchise that was first released in 1989. The latest versions of the game were developed by Taiwanese studio Softstar Entertainment.

The game is akin to the popular board game Monopoly. Players move around by rolling six-sided dice to buy and trade properties on the map. The objective of the game is to impoverish your opponents by making them pay rent whenever they step on your properties.

Newer versions of the game allow players to launch projectile attacks or lay traps in order to keep their opponents in hospitals or jails, limiting opponents' chances to get rich.

The turn-based game can be played by up to six players at a time from the same computer. Most controls only require a mouse to execute. Despite that, it is still a fun game to play with your family members and friends.

As of 2019, the game has 10 sequels in total. The latest version, Richman10, is in both English and Chinese. Newer versions of the game can be played online too.

You can download Richman10 on Steam here or download the older versions of the game for free here.

6. Marvel vs Capcom

Marvel vs Capcom is the iconic fighting game that many of us played with our siblings, cousins, and friends when we were kids.

The fighting game allows two players to fight in a two-dimensional world using the same keyboard: Player 1 uses the 'WASD' keys control; Player 2 uses the arrow keys control.

Back in the 1990s when Marvel was not a global phenomenon as it is today and Capcom was just a niche arcade fighting game studio, their collaboration united fans from both sides and made all the characters more popular.

Before it was called Marvel vs Capcom, the first series that featured Marvel characters was actually called X-Men vs Street Fighter, which was released in 1996.

Two years later, Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of the Super Heroes was released. Today, the franchise has seven games in total, with the latest — Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite — released in 2017.

You can download the games on Steam here or download the older versions of the game for free here. You will need an emulator to play the older versions, which you can get here.

7. Virtua Cop 2

Image via Arcade Guns

Virtua Cop 2 is a classic arcade game that was popular on PC too when it was released for gamers at home in 1997.

The game was developed by Japanese multinational video game developer SEGA.

The point-and-shoot game allows two players to play on PC: Player 1 uses the mouse; Player 2 uses the keyboard.

The best part of the game is that it allows players to shoot objects on the screen to make them fall. Sometimes, you will get a weapon in return.

Virtua Cop 2 was succeeded by Virtua Cop 3 after a special edition was released in between the games. 

Today, SEGA no longer lists the game on its website

You can download Virtua Cop 2 here and Virtua Cop 3 here.

8. Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Image via Game Pressure

Commonly rated as one of the best Need For Speed games, the 2005 game broke the trend of bad reboots after less successful Need for Speed: Underground Rivals was released before it.

Prior to that, the racing franchise had raving reviews for its Need for Speed: Underground 2.

However, unlike Underground 2, not only is Need For Speed: Most Wanted visually aesthetic, but it also incorporates police pursuits into its gameplay — a feature that the Underground 2 does not have. 

Although Most Wanted is not the franchise's first game featuring police vehicles, it was the one that popularised it. After the game was released, publisher EA only released two Need For Speed games that do not have police vehicles, according to Fandom.

You can download the latest version of Need For Speed: Most Wanted on Steam here and other Need For Speed games here.

9. Spyro The Dragon

Image via aa99

Spyro The Dragon was released in 1998 by American video game developer Insomniac Games. It is definitely one of the most beautifully animated games in the late 1990s.

In the platform game, you play a purple dragon whose objective is to free all dragons by exploring every level and retrieving all dragon eggs. You have to destroy enemies with Spyro’s dragon breath in order to defeat each level too.

The game was first released in 1998. The franchise has over 10 games to date.

The latest game was released in 1998. Three years ago, the company behind it remastered the original trilogy in conjunction with its 20th anniversary.

You can download the latest version of the game on Steam here or download the first version of the game here.

10. Road Rash

Image via Pinterest

There is always danger whenever you ride on the road. But if you are riding in Road Rash, the danger in the game is on another level.

The game was first released in 1991 by EA. The objective of Road Rash is to win races. But to win one, players have to get their hands dirty by kicking, punching, or clubbing other racers down.

If you launch your attack at the right time, you can even steal weapons from other racers. Weapons in the game include crowbars, nunchaku, and cattle prods.

The franchise has seven games in total with the last game — Road Rash: Jailbreak — being released in 2000. It is widely regarded that Road Redemption is the spiritual successor of the iconic franchise.

You can download Road Rash: Jailbreak here or download the spiritual successor of the game here.

11. Daytona USA

Image via Game Reactor

Daytona USA is one of the highest-grossing arcade games of all time. No wonder fans could not get enough of it and wanted to play it on PC and console as well.

The racing game was developed by Japanese multinational video game developer SEGA in 1993.

At that time, it was considered the most visually detailed three-dimensional arcade racing game.

According to Fandom, there are more than six versions of the game since its inception.

Today, you can still play the game and it is listed on SEGA's official website. However, the version is only playable on Xbox and PlayStation.

But there are other ways you can download the game on PC too.

You can download Daytona USA here or visit SEGA's official website here to play it on a console.

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