10 Online Games To Play On Zoom With Friends

No sign-ups, registrations, or downloads needed! And best of all, free.

Cover image via Crate Before Attack & Shell Shockers

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Nobody expected COVID-19 or the lockdowns to last this long

However, until we feel safe gathering with friends and family in person, we can always host virtual game nights!

Every game listed here can be played right in the browser and over video call. No sign-ups, registrations, or downloads needed. And best of all, free.

Image via Freepik

Here are the best games to play with your friends from afar:

Image via Gartic Phone

Gartic Phone is the free, online version of classic board game Telestrations.

It's 'the more, the merrier' with this game because every player will take turns drawing and guessing until the final reveal, which is usually too ridiculous to imagine.

A private game can take up to 14 players, best played with a minimum of four.


Image via is a really fun, battle royale version of the classic Tetris. It is really easy to navigate and you'll be knocking out your friends in no time.

Join without a username and start playing by creating a private room and sending the invite link to your friends.

There isn't a limit to the number of players each room can hold – we've even seen 60 players in one lobby before!

Image via Curve Fever

If you enjoyed playing Snake on your old Nokia 3310, Curve Fever brings it back in a more chaotic and colourful way as a multiplayer game. You can even shoot fireballs!

No registration required: just type in a name, create a private match, and send the link and password to your friends to join.

A private room can hold up to eight players.

Crate Before Attack is a real-time, turn-based game with super smooth and really cute animation inspired by the immensely popular PC game Worms in the 90s.

However, instead of worms, it's frogs! It focuses on navigating around with their sticky tongues, collecting crates, and obtaining weapons to defeat other frogs.

A private match can take up to eight players.

Image via

Just in case you haven't come across our other game list yet, here's another Guess The Sketch game to try. It's good to know a few anyway since they all have different libraries of words to play.

You can add custom words in, such as names of Pokémon or famous movies, to give your friends a more difficult time.

A private room can take up to 16 players; but there's an experimental option of 256!

Image via is a 2D battle royale game that's fast and easy to set up. It's also a simple option for friends of different gaming skill levels to play (compared to having to download and teach them PUBG or Fortnite).

You won't be able to make a private game, but you can play with your friends as duos or squads of up to four players in a map.

Image via Shell Shockers

First-person shooter (FPS) games are truly a dime a dozen, but in Shell Shockers, you will be playing as eggs armed with guns. Yes. Egg-citing.

It's so easy to set up and play too: create a private game, choose from many of their quirky maps, and send the invite link to your friends.

Private games can take up to eighteen players, depending on the map.

No, it's no Street Fighter, but Tough Love Arena is a two-player fighting game that's free and can be played on browser with a friend from afar.

Plus, it's cute: the animation looks like doodles and the attack sounds are funny.

You will have to enter an e-mail for this one, but you don't have to leave the screen to verify the account. It's easy to pick up and play.

9. TagPro

Image via TagPro

TagPro is a free-to-play, capture the flag game where you appear as balls in either the red or blue team.

The object of the game is to steal the enemy's flag. And bring it back to your own base without your opponents stopping you with their power-ups.

Each team consists of up to four players, for a maximum total of eight players per game.

10. GeoGuessr

Image via GeoGuessr

Since international travel is out of question, GeoGuessr can be a fun game to play with friends: you're placed randomly anywhere in the world on Google Street View and you need to figure out where you are simply by recognising signboards, flags, or even nature.

Choose to play worldwide maps or country-specific maps, like only Malaysia.

You can only play one free game per day, but if one friend has a paid account the rest of you can play more for free. :)

Not enough? Here are more games you can easily play with friends over video call:

If you need a break from people instead, here are some games to rest your mind:

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