11 Party Board Games That You Can Play Online With Your Friends For Free

Quarantine doesn't have to stop board game nights. We have the Internet.

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It's going to be a while until the world returns to normal, don't let social distancing get in the way of time with friends and family

Instead of crowding around a table as you usually would, host a virtual board game night!

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Here are board games you can play with friends and family despite the distance:

1. Catan

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Catan is a popular strategy game based on gathering resources and building settlements. It gets especially fun when you have to negotiate with friends or rob other players for limited resources.

Play a private game on this website with up to three of your friends.

Find the game here.

2. Risk

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The game of global domination. Risk involves controlling an army of infantry, cavalry, and even artillery to take over territories and slowly eliminate your enemies.

You may form or dissolve alliances to get ahead, as well as capture entire continents for bonus troops.

This website allows up to six players to a private game. They also have single-player campaigns if you'd like to play solo.

Find the game here.

3. Boggle

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Show off your vocabulary skills with this simple word game called Boggle. Compete with friends to find as many words as you can out of letters that are adjacent to each other on the 4x4 grid in 180 seconds!

It's a great game to play with family while improving your English.

There doesn't seem to be a maximum limit of players to a private room, the most we have seen in a game is 10.

Find the game here.

4. Monopoly

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This has to be the all-time favourite board game that ruins friendships. The best part about playing Monopoly virtually is that you don't have to keep calculating and counting your money.

A private game on this website takes up to four players.

Find the game here.

5. Codenames

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In Codenames, two teams and their spymasters compete to see who can contact all of their agents first, but you can only communicate with one-word clues, and beware of the assassin!

This is best played between four and eight players.

Find the game here.

6. Secret Hitler

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Secret Hitler is like playing Mafia but requires much more acting and deception. Team up with other Liberals to fight off Hitler and his team of Fascists.

Each private game can take five to 10 players.

Find the game here.

7. Scrabble

Another game that needs no introduction. This website has a very old-school interface but it allows you to play Scrabble with a friend simultaneously online, instead of any random old opponent.

Find the game here.

8. Scattergories

Scattergories is another great game to brush up on your English vocabulary while having fun. The game requires players to come up with answers to fit the categories listed before time runs out.

It sounds easy but the answers need to start with a letter provided, and you won't score points if another player has the same answer as you.

A private game requires between two and six players to play.

Find the game here.

9. Taboo

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The objective of Taboo is to get your friends to guess the word on your card without using the other five additional words listed, e.g. ask them to guess 'Fish' without using the words 'Animal', 'Swim', 'Sea', 'Fins', and 'Aquarium'. Yes, it gets tricky.

The game can be played by any amount of players - you can divide your friends into teams or play every man for themselves.

Find the game here.

10. UNO

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UNO is one of the most iconic card games ever, and an easy game to play and relax with family and friends over video call.

A private game on this website requires between two and four players to play.

Find the game here.

11. Telestrations

Telestrations is the visual version of our childhood "telephone game" where instead of whispering the phrase to your friends, you draw what you see, and keep passing the sketchbook on until the final person has to guess what it is!

There will definitely be horrible drawings and atrocious outcomes.

It is not known how many people the website can hold in a private game, so the more the merrier!

Find the game here.

Not enough? Here are more games you can easily play with friends over video call:

If you need a break from people instead, here are some games to rest your mind:

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