This Free Mobile Game App Allows You To Scream And Lepas Tension When You're Stressed

Scream to win.

Cover image via @herplayroom_ (TikTok)

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Got a colleague who's pissing you off? Or bills to be paid but your bank balance says 'nope'?

This free mobile game app might help you release all that pent-up frustration.

A couple of TikTok users have gone viral after recording themselves playing it. 

Take a look:


scream go hero game play...berry funny...#screamgohero screamgoher #fun #comedy @nayeem_hassan

original sound - Md Fahim

The game mechanics are simple. Here's how it works:

A little ninja will run based on your voice decibel. The louder you are, the higher the ninja can jump to skip platforms and escape enemies.

There are 15 levels in total for the ninja to get through.

The game is slightly similar to Super Mario Run or Flappy Bird, except to move, all you need to do is shout

In other words, you can scream your heart out – all in the name of the game. :P

Image via SAYS

The app is called 'Scream Go Hero' and it's completely free to play

You can download it on Android and iOS. Have fun!

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