From RM3 Zone Section To Premium Korean Goods, Giant Revamps With A Fresh New Look

Enjoy everyday deals and low prices whenever you shop at Giant.

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Guysss, have you noticed that Giant has a new logo?

The grocery retailer recently revealed their new logo, which features a fresh green colour and a new look!

Image via Giant
Image via Giant

For almost 77 years, Giant has been one of Malaysia's top grocery retailers to shop for everyday items. In fact, Giant has always offered everyday low prices and great value, which made them the go-to hypermarket for every Malaysian. 

With the revamped logo, Giant wants to continue serving you with smiles and ensure that you'll always get more for your money and enjoy a whole different shopping experience! 

Giant implemented their new highlights and features in all of their stores across Malaysia

From fresh goods at incredibly low prices to new products, and even quality services, there's so much to look out for at Giant.

We even got to visit the refreshed store in Kota Damansara! Check out all the new offerings from Giant:

1. Choose from a wide range of fresh and high-quality goods at Giant

With the revamped logo and brand new look, Giant strongly promises that their offerings will always be fresh. 

In fact, the brand is committed to providing the freshest of products and has even improved on their outsourcing and partnerships. 

Check out their fresh products: 

Image via Timothy/SAYS
Image via Timothy/SAYS

2. Navigate your way through additional aisles that feature brand new products

Image via Timothy/SAYS
Image via OhBulan!

All Giants across Malaysia will be adding over 2,000 new products to their shelves, so you'll definitely enjoy looking through all the products they have to offer!

The hypermarket even has a wider range of options when it comes to getting grains, rice, spices, dried foods, and so much more! 

So, whatever you may need to stock up on, just head over to Giant. 

3. Shop for international goods and snacks from all over the world

Image via Timothy/SAYS
Image via Timothy/SAYS

Do you struggle to get imported products you've been meaning to try? 

Giant now has a wide range of products from all over the world such as Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and more. What's also cool is that the hypermarket categorises all the items by country, so it's like visiting a global mini-market, hehe. 

4. Enjoy shopping for products and goods at only RM3 at Giant's all-new Ringgit Zone

Image via Timothy/SAYS
Image via Timothy/SAYS

While promising high quality and a wide range of products for you, Giant wants to ensure you get the highest value whenever you shop at the hypermarket. 

That's why there will be the Ringgit Zone section in each Giant, where you can enjoy sooo many products from as low as RM3! 

From snacks to kitchenware, home and even personal care, all of 'em are priced at RM3, woohoo! Sounds like we're gonna walk away with a large shopping haul each time we head to Giant, hehe.

5. Enjoy the convenience of shopping at Guardian pharmacy, located within the hypermarket

Image via Timothy/SAYS
Image via Timothy/SAYS

What's cool about Giant is that you won't have to get your healthcare and beauty products from pharmacies elsewhere.

Selected Giant stores will now hold a Guardian store within the hypermarket, so you can enjoy the convenience of having a pharmacy a few steps away as you do your groceries. Best of all, you can stock up on your healthcare products in no time. 

6. Enjoy everyday deals and low prices at Giant

Image via Timothy/SAYS
Image via Timothy/SAYS

Giant has continuously offered everyday deals and low prices from the beginning, and will continue to do so! 

In addition to the Ringgit Zone, look out for exciting deals, so you can enjoy awesome markdowns and bargains to fill up your cart. 

7. Look forward to shorter queueing times when you shop at the newly-revamped Giant stores

Image via Timothy/SAYS
Image via Timothy/SAYS

Queueing up is normal when it comes to shopping for groceries. But it can get pretty annoying if takes longer than expected, right?

Giant knows the frustration all too well, which is why you can expect shorter queueing times when you checkout at the counter.

There's a taped line at each counter that acts as the limit to each queue. Once the queue goes beyond the line, all checkout counters will open to help serve you better.

8. Giant has also extended to Giant Mini, a brand new mini-mart concept close to your neighbourhood, where you can get your groceries done in a jiffy

Image via Timothy/SAYS
Image via Timothy/SAYS

Are you in a rush? Perhaps looking to do a quick grocery run after work? 

Giant aims to provide Giant Mini, which is essentially a mini-mart, in neighbourhoods. This way, you get the best of Giant's groceries nearby your home as well. Whether you need household essentials, fresh goods, or daily essentials, Giant Mini has it all. 

Wanna know more about Giant's new offerings? Head over to their website to find out more or visit the nearest Giant store today!

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