This Malaysian Child Prodigy Is Now 18 And Has Developed An App For ‘Bananas'

This guy started young. Really young.

Cover image via Gloson Teh's Twitter

This is Gloson Teh, an 18-year-old teen from Kuala Lumpur

At the tender age of ONE, Gloson had already started to sing and talk in both English and Mandarin!

I’m pretty sure the only thing I could say when I was one was "bleh bleh bleh".

Gloson's talent in linguistics grew as he aged. When he was 11, he entered the Malaysian Book of Records as the "Youngest Published Poet in Malaysia”.

11-year-old Glosen Teh.

Image via Gloson Teh

Gloson published his book "Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids" back in 2009.

His outstanding work has caught the attention of many, including Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife!

Prime Minister Najib and his wife reading some of Gloson's work.

Image via The Star

On the 10th of July 2009, Gloson, aged 11, was invited by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Sri Tun Najib Razak and the First Lady to their residence to be interviewed by the press.

Gloson reciting one of his poems.

Image via Gloson Teh

When Gloson was 11 in 2009, he was invited to the residence of Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Tun Najib Razak, where he recited his poem to members of the press. Najib himself even recited his poem titled “Autumn!"

That’s not all, Gloson is also an accomplished musician. He also excels in composing music, two of his compositions have been played by the UiTM Orchestra!

Gloson also makes covers of popular tunes at his YouTube channel.

When he turned 14, he applied for a place in the Ravensbourne University in London. As expected, he was accepted but chose to stay in Malaysia to collaborate with his mum in a smartphone app.

Ravensbourne University in London.

Image via E-Architect

Ravensbourne is a world-class digital media and design college. It offers a vocationally focused portfolio of design and communication courses, spanning fashion, television and broadcasting, interactive product design, architecture and environment design. Ravensbourne's campus is at Greenwich Peninsula, next door to the O2.

Gloson and his mum have just launched an educational app called Speed Mandarin. The iOS app aims to help people learn Mandarin in a fun and easy way.

Gloson with his mum Grace showcasing the app.

Image via The Star

Speed Mandarin is an unconventional and fun way to effectively learn Mandarin, and with videos, reference and quiz materials incorporated in the app, learning mandarin is made easier, especially with the in-app quirky characters. In the app, each stroke in the Mandarin character is illustrated as a pictogram.
Image via The Star

This allows easy identification, and with each Mandarin pronounciation compared to an English word, it is easier to learn how to pronounce. The app also features catchy songs, and each word is repeated in an insane number of times to make it stick in your head.

Gloson's mother Grace, who is a brain science researcher, started working on the app after she realised there was an easier way to learn Mandarin

Image via KL Gadget Guy

"The app uses repetitive but fun videos to teach users Mandarin. Through this method, users will be able to learn Mandarin at once as the human brain does not like to relearn and revise the same thing repeatedly," said Grace.

The app was funded by Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) with a total grant of RM300,000!

Image via Speed Mandarin

Interested? You can download the app on iTunes.

Gloson is currently working on improving and expanding the app with his mum. He also continues to blog, write poetry and compose music.

Way to go, Gloson! You're a champ!

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